Code Vein – Successor of the Throat (Boss Guide)

Code Vein - Successor of the Throat (Boss Guide)
Code Vein - Successor of the Throat (Boss Guide)

Code Vein Guides:

Go to the Crown of Sand area in Code Vein to find the Successor of the Throat boss.


  • Spinning sand-arm attack
  • Overhead slam
  • Tornado AOE attack


If you’re struggling with this boss, not to worry. Successor of the Throat boss guide will give you all the tips you need to get through this fight.

The nice thing about this boss is that there aren’t too many attacks you need to watch out for, especially if you stay up close. And unlike many of the other bosses in the game, this enemy doesn’t seem to move around much, either.

So a good strategy is to get right up to the boss and wail on it, while making sure to pay attention to a handful of attacks. If you see the boss extend a pair of sand-arms and start to spin, just block. You won’t take much damage and you’ll be able to remain close by. You can also back away to avoid damage completely and then run back up close.

The other move to look out for is the overhead sand-arm attack. If you’re right up close, it will totally miss you altogether.

Eventually, you can stun her and she’ll go down, giving you an opportunity to get some more attacks in. After you get her down to half health, she’ll start using her tornado attacks.

You can tell this move is coming when she starts generating small tornadoes around her. When this happens, back away and wait for the animation to finish. After that, go right back in for close-ranged attacks.

During the final phase, she’ll tend to do this move often so be patient with it and wait for a good time to attack. Since you’re able to stay up close without the boss running away too much, you can load up on the armor and heavy weapons for maximum damage and protection.

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