Code Vein – How to Get All Endings

Code Vein - How to Get All Endings
Code Vein - How to Get All Endings

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Heirs Ending (Bad)

For the “Bad” ending of Code Vein, you need to kill all four Successors. To do this, beat the battle like normal, then when you’re in the Successor’s Vestige memory simply walk out the door.

Do not interact with the statues, just walk out. Killing each Successor also grants you a unique Blood Code, separate from the one you get by saving them.

To Eternity Ending (Neutral)

To get the “Neutral” ending, you need to save at least one Successor. In order to save a Successor, you have to find all of the Vestiges that relate to that character’s Blood Code, which are all found in the area leading up to the boss.

For example, to save Eva you need to find all of the Harmonia Vestiges in the Crown of Sand. Save one or more Successors, but not all of them, and you’ll get this ending.

Dweller in the Dark Ending (Good)

In order to get this ending, you need to save all four Successors, and find all of the Eos Vestiges for Io. First off, like we said before, you have to find all of the Vestiges that correspond to that Successor.

So that means you’ll want to completely explore the Catherdral of Sacred Blood, Ridge of Frozen Souls, City of Falling Flame, and Crown of Sand.

To save Successors, fight the battle like normal then, while you’re in their memory, interact with the character when they turn into a statue and select “Restore Memory.”

This will save the Successor. To find all of the Eos Vestiges, return to the outside of the crypt for each Successor after their battle to find a Vestige. The remaining Vestiges are all found in the final area, the Provisional Government Center.

That covers everything you need to know about how to get all endings in Code Vein.

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