Cube World – How to Clone Pets (Glitch)

Cube World - How to Clone Pets (Glitch)
Cube World - How to Clone Pets (Glitch)

This guide describes a briefly approach to clone pets in Cube World.

How to Clone Pets in Cube World

There is a possibility to clone pets, that’s useful if you want to share your pet with your friends for example. I have discovered this cheat while playing on fullscreen when I opened Firefox to look up the Wiki using the well-known Hot-Key combination “Ctrl + Left Alt + Del”. I tested this on Windows 10. I don’t guarantee that it still works, it might be patched soon.

Make sure you have a pet equipped, this is needed for this to work. If you don’t have a pet equipped, equip a pet and return to the main menu. It can be any pet. Don’t worry, you don’t lose this pet.

The approach, do the following steps after you loaded a saved game:

  • Press “Ctrl + Left Alt + Del” -> Click “Cancel” -> Left click to return to game

If you return to the game and you can not run and talk with NPCs you did it right.

  • Press B -> Click pet menu -> Equip any pet you want to clone -> Unequip pet.

There we go, you have successfully cloned your pet! You can go to the main menu and back to your game and repeat the process to clone another pet. Don’t forget to equip a pet first, so this cheat works. Unfortunatelly you can still neither run nor talk with NPCs, even if you go back to the main menu, so you need to quit and restart the game to play as usual.

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