This War of Mine – Loot Item Guide (Easy Method)

This War of Mine - Loot Item Guide (Easy Method)
This War of Mine - Loot Item Guide (Easy Method)


In this guide, i’ll teach you how to loot item easily. No software required.

Easy Loot

So far i’ve found out that 2 location that works, which are : Garage and Church.

Bear in mind that church has 2 different mode which affect the inhabitant and the building structure, in this case it has to be civis.

Garage Guide

  1. Run into the garage and slide down the ladder.
  2. Wait for the young man to slide down.
  3. Climb up when he’s down.
  4. Enter Combat Mode and attack the NPC when he climbs up.
  5. Stop when he begs for mercy.

Do not finish him off otherwise the trick wont work.

Now that the young man is really low hp and begs for mercy, he shouldnt attack you. Dont worry about the old man. Loot everything and put them all at near entrance. When you’re done, pick up the loot the you need then left the place. After about 3 days, you can come back because the items in the Garage will regen.


This is not about loot but about another trick.

You can make 2 characters sleep at one bed. The method is you have to make the 2 characters arrived at the bed at the same time.

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