Remnant: From the Ashes – Space Marine Build / DPS Build to Melt Everything

Remnant: From the Ashes - Space Marine Build / DPS Build to Melt Everything
Remnant: From the Ashes - Space Marine Build / DPS Build to Melt Everything

How to Do It and See It in Action

It can get a little tricky sometimes and it won’t work 100% on certain bosses but it’s so much fun you will love to just spit bullets everywhere and kill everything that moves. Here is me killing the Undying king in 30 seconds, i mean the first time but if you really want to do it you can probably finish the entire fight in 1 minute or less, same goes for the other bosses like the dragon, ent and any bosses without defensive tactics

It’s like shooting a space marine bolter 🙂

So You Need:

  • Assasult rifle, earth random encounter.
  • Mod used: fire bullets.

  • SMG, unlocked with keycard in ward 13.
  • Mod used: Song of swords.

  • Armor set used: Void Armor+ 20.

  • Trinkets: Brutal mark (amulet). Stone of Balance, Gravity Stone (kind of situational, can be replaced by Heartstopper ring).

  • Buffs used: mostly eat the plums from the stuck merchant for health regen (so you can regen a little while dodging enemies) and the jerky from the pack master for the extra 15% crit damage.

Hydrocolant if you are burning does wonders and the trait for elemental defense makes that be a buff.

Just fill up your song of swords and then use the fire bullets but you draw a big crowd, ammunition can be a problem if you miss a lot. When you want to use max damage, get hit a few times, activate song of sword and then fire bullets, maybe the frenzy dust. You should be a little careful because you can run out of ammo very fast with this tactic so try to use the full combo when you have sufficient ammo or are starting a boss fight.

The more buffs you use the better, just take a few light hits and let some of the less dangerous minions near you for the buff, the more traits for dps you have the better.

There are no weaknesses except for getting stuck in a corner.

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