Terraria – Extensive Guide on How to Kill Slimes

Terraria - Extensive Guide on How to Kill Slimes
Terraria - Extensive Guide on How to Kill Slimes

Many people don’t understand the complexity of killing every single species of slime there is. I made this guide to change that.


Many people get confused stumbling onto a colorful blob of jelly, known as a slime. Many players have died to a species of this creature at least once, and this guide will showcase the different ways to go about defeating, or escaping this creature!

Basic Slimes

Basic Slimes are the slimes which have the simple AI and one color, similar to a regular green slime. Basic slimes are easy to defeat considering, they hop towards you if you have attacked them. Their attacks can and will be easily dodged, and attacked afterwards, repeating until the slime has been killed by the player.

Advanced Slimes

Advanced slimes have the same AI of a typical Basic Slime, but with added attributes, making the slimes more difficult to defeat.

Spiked Slimes

Spiked Slimes are biome-specific slimes which have the same AI as basic slimes, but shoot spikes at the player, which does a relatively huge amount of damage if you are just starting on the world. I would suggest attacking from a distance, like with a bow, or throwables.

Debuff Slimes

Debuff Slimes are Basic Slimes, but when they hit the player, they apply a Debuff, doing either damage over time, or making one of the players attributes weaker. Here they are.

  • Lava Slimes inflict a fire debuff, dealing damage to the player over time.
  • Black Slimes inflict the Darkness debuff, reducing the players vision.
  • Ice Slimes inflict the frozen debuff, slowing down the player.
  • Toxic Sludge has a chance to inflict poison, dealing damage over time.

Special / Difficult Slimes

Special slimes are slimes which are hard, or have different AI, or have good drops. Here they are.


The pinky drops 1 gold upon death, while easy to kill, it is hard to spot as it is so small. I would advise doing close-range combat with this slime.

Dungeon Slime

Dungeon Slimes are slimes which spawn in the dungeon, they have a Basic Slime AI, and drop golden keys upon death, used to unlock the locked chests deep in the dungeon. Any type of combat is suitable for this one.

Mother Slime

The mother slime is a slime that spawns in the Cavern, and spawns up to 3 baby slimes upon death. I would suggest using a throwable, considering the baby slimes might out number the player.

Corrupt Slime/CrimSlime

Corrupt Slime/Crimslime are slimes that spawn in the crimson, or corruption, respectively. They drop 2-4 gel, and are about as big as dungeon slimes. Any type of combat suitable.


Slimer is a scary slime, considering it uses the Bat AI, and when damaged, will drop to the ground, and use Basic Slime AI. This is a pretty difficult slime if you don’t come prepared, but with perseverance, the player will kill slimer. Bows recommended for this one.

Illuminant Slime

This is a pretty difficult slime, that glows, and does a heck of a ton of damage. It spawns in the Underground Hallow, so you will need to have an open area to defeat this one. Any type of combat is suitable, but I warn melee users for damage.

Rainbow Slime

Rainbow slimes are really similiar to Dungeon Slimes, but they drop rainbow bricks. They are essentially a buffed version, but apart from that, they’re not that bad to fight. It spawns during rain on non-hallow blocks when the player is in the hallow.


Since this is technically a slime, I’ll put it here. It’s a hallow enemy, that shoots lasers at the player. It is not that powerful, but it can be a pain to deal with early-game.

Extra Slimes

Extra Slimes are slimes that I consider to be not important, or normal in gameplay. Here they are.

Present Slimes

The present slimes are slimes that spawn in the forest during christmas, they all can drop a giant bow, and some extra items. They are the equivalent of their color as basic slimes, in terms of stats.

Bunny Slime

These slimes spawn in the forest during Halloween. It is essentially just a reskinned Basic Slime.

King Slime

King Slime is the slime boss of Terraria. It is one of the easiest bosses in the game. King Slime spawns Blue Slimes, and occasionally teleports to the player. As King Slime gets damaged more, and more, he shrinks in size. When he dies he drops a solidifier, coins, and CAN drop, a slimy saddle, any part of the Ninja armor set, Slime hook, or Slime gun, and a chance to drop a Slime trophy or a king slime mask.

You can easily kill King Slime if you keep moving, and attack from a distance. The AI is really simple, and easy to defeat!

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