The Crew – 55K in 5 Minutes (Very Easy Trick)

The Crew - 55K in 5 Minutes (Very Easy Trick)
The Crew - 55K in 5 Minutes (Very Easy Trick)

Very easy trick with the coppers.

The Trick

My moneymaking method requires you to mess with the pigs. During an offense, you gain 100 points for escaping arrest, and you get rewarded based on those points at the end of the offense mission. We are going to exploit this.


The car is the most important part of this trick. You need to be driving a stick (why wouldn’t you be, anyways?), the car needs to have good acceleration, and it also needs to do 61 mph at redline in 1st gear. Why? Because, the threshold for entering the arrest countdown is 60 mph. If your car is not max level but it fits these requirements perfectly, DO NOT EQUIP PARTS YOU EARN AT THE END OF THE MISSION! This will alter the stats and make the strat harder/slower. The car that I’ve found to fit these requirements perfectly is a level 1497 perf spec Mazda RX7 FD.

It is also important to bring the Guardian skill because speed hacks are deadly when you’re only going 61 mph.

Pulling It Off

Now that you have your car that fits the requirements, go to a bronze offense that ends in a city. This gives us a shorter drive time to the crate (less time wasted) as well as long, wide roads that we can kite the heat down for extended periods of time without the need to focus on cornering. Run the offense up until you’re in the city near the crate, but don’t go for the crate. Get on the longest, widest road you see on your minimap, then drop it in first gear and redline it. Now you’re doing 61mph and the cops should be right behind you, but you shouldn’t be in the arrest timer. Feather the gas and get a feel for how quickly you should be doing so to drop in and out of the arrest timer and get the “100 points escaping arrest” to pop up as rapidly as possible. In my Mazda, I can get about 3-4 a second. Do this, going up and down the road for as long as you feel like. Then, go hit the crate to get your payout (getting arrested still rewards the money too).

Small suggestion ~ turn down game volume and put on some music to drown out your car’s screaming, redlining engine and the 10+ police sirens.


  • Get a car that goes 61mph at redline in 1st gear.
  • Get guardian skill to counter speed hack.
  • Do and offense and get near crate drop off.
  • Keep car in first gear, redlining it to go 61mph.
  • Feather gas to jump between 60-61mph to go in and out of arrest timer 3-4 times a second.
  • Build up as many points as you want.
  • Hit the crate to finish, getting arrested also still rewards the money.

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