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Rebel Forces - How to Moon Jump on Towers

Game:   Rebel Forces  |  Jun 28, 2019   
Rebel Forces - How to Moon Jump on Towers

Moon Jumping (as the name implies) is when you jump extremely high in a video game, usually do to a bug. On towers, there are specific spots where you are able to catapult yourself into the air.

Where to Do the Jumps

  • Go and find yourself a ramp.
  • You found one? Good. Now go up to the railing of the ramp as so.
  • Just remember that certain ramps don't allow you to do this trick so just keep trying them.

How to Do the Jumps

  • Crouch right in front of the railing and start walking into it.
  • Your screen should start shaking. That is good. That means you've done it correctly.
  • Just keep walking into the block until you're sky high.

How High Can I Go?

To be honest I have absolutely no idea, in fact i don't think there even is a sky box. Here are some of my jumps that sent me flying.
Written by Heckerman

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