5D Chess With Multiverse Time Travel – How to Beat Backrank Basics (The Hardest Puzzles)

Is your brain itchy-witchy? No need to fear, smoothbrain. Here’s how you play 2D chess in a 5D space.

Backrank Basics 1 ~ Mate-in-one

Ok, first one. Nothing too complicated yet. Move your rook to D1. :O you did it!

Backrank Basics 2 ~ Mate-in-two

Alright, this is where stuff starts to get really spicy! Move your rook to E1. A meany-head bishop (what a pleb) will try to intercept you at D1. Because you did not consent to this, you can move your rook to D1 and have the bishop arrested for r3pe.

Backrank Basics 3 ~ Mate-in-three

Woah? 3 Moves? Relax there, partner. Here’s how it goes.

  • Rook to E4. He shimmies his king over.
  • Rook to E1. Woah, he went back in time! Who saw that coming?
  • Do it again.

Backrank Basics 4 ~ Mate-in-four

Ok, this is the only one that’s even remotely complicated, so I’ll give you some credit.

  • Rook to D5. He will develop one of his pawns
  • Send your rook on D5 back to the previous board, creating another timeline. The bot will go “Back to the Future” mode on your ♥ and send his King on +1L, A1 to L, A1
  • Move your rook on +1L, D5 to +1L, D1. He’ll develop his pawn again.
  • Send your rook from +1L, D1 to L, D1.
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