Dota Underlords – Strategy Tips

Dota Underlords - Strategy Tips
Dota Underlords - Strategy Tips

Strategy Tips

Now, this game is 50% luck and 50% strategy required and what i meant was your heroes in shop its depends what hero you get the same copies.

Line Up Position

This is one of my on 15 rounds winning streak and most of my hero tier is just tier 2-3
You will just need a good line up position that can counter your enemy in battle. But you can’t stay long in the same position because enemy will change it too.

Alliances Buff

Dota Underlords - Strategy Tips

Above as you can see my alliance buff is all mixed up.

Best Alliance Team

A best alliance team means you have to mixed 3 different alliance as a best team. Example for savage,Heartless and armor is the best combo alliances type buff. They can counter Human,demon and hunter in easy way. You can only have 10 heroes on board so you can’t have too many buff and it’s not good sometimes. I will sort out every best alliances teamed up below.

1) Alliances Buff

  • Savage – Allies gain + 10% Attack Damage. 2 heroes, 4 if you can
  • Heartless – Enemies suffer -5 Armor. 2 heroes.
  • Warrior – Warriors gain +10 Armor. 3

Best against: Warlock, scrappy, hunter and human.

2) Alliances Buff

  • Knight – Knight units take 25% less physical and magic damage when standing 1 cell away from another Knight. you just need 2
  • Warlock – Allies gain +15% Lifesteal. you just need 2
  • Troll – Troll units gain +35 Attack Speed. you just need 2
  • Savage – Allies gain + 10% Attack Damage. need 2
  • Demon – Demon units gain +50% Pure Damage. Active when you have only one type of Demon unit on the board. you just need 1
  • Demon Hunter – 1: Invalidate your opponent’s Demon Alliance bonus.
  • Invalidate your opponent’s Demon Alliance bonus. Demon units gain +50% Pure Damage. you need 1

Best against: Human, druid, elusive, mage, primordial and scaled.

3) Alliances Buff

  • Shaman – 2: A Random Enemy is turned into a Frog for 6 seconds at the start of Combat. you need 2
  • Warlock – 2: Allies gain +15% Lifesteal. you will need 2
  • Human – Human units gain a 20% Chance to Silence target for 4 seconds when attacking. you will need 2
  • Elusive – 3: Elusive units gain +20% Evasion.

These are the best defend and against alliance team buff so far.

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