Moonlighter – How to Make Money (Exploit)

Moonlighter - How to Make Money (Exploit)
Moonlighter - How to Make Money (Exploit)

How to Profit!

Phase #1

  • Collect 500 gold to unlock potion shop and 2000 gold for cash register upgrade.
  • If you have extra money to spare in morning, buy stack(s) of the most expensive guidance or reveal potions you can afford.
  • Put stack(s) sale for the same price you bought them and wait heroes to come search for equipment. You can sell other stuff for regular customers.
  • Profit.

Phase #2

  • Save 8 000 gold to unlock Shop level 1.
  • Save 20 000 gold to unlock Hawker.
  • Buy fruit bowl (after you have visited forest area) and Golem crystals (after you’ve beaten Golem area).
  • Decorate shop accordingly.
  • Repeat original scheme.
  • Much more profit.

Phase #3

  • Keep upgrading cash register, shop level and keep decorating.
  • Repeat original scheme.
  • Most profit!

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