Enter the Gungeon – Some Tips for the Early Chambers

Enter the Gungeon - Some Tips for the Early Chambers
Enter the Gungeon - Some Tips for the Early Chambers

These few tips help you out in starting out as a successful gungeoneer. Mastering chamber one will go a long way in successful runs.


  • Almost all early enemies except the gunjurers (those yellow robed gundead ) will shoot where you are, rather than where you are going to be. As a result against gunjurers, move one direction and quickly reverse (‘juke’) when they are about to fire.
  • For explosive gundead like the (red) Nitra, and the (green) pinhead, it’s often worth leading them to a packed cluster of enemies and then attacking them. However, DON’T get backed into a corner while doing this.
  • If you ever see a buffed enemy. Look around the room for a gun-singer, these guys don’t shoot you but they improve the stats of other enemies. Make him a priority target.
  • Chain gunners (the gundead with the spinning flail) usually only do melee damage, however if you defeat all other enemies in the room, they get a buff and can now throw a projectile from the tip of their flail, they telegraph this with a pink flash and some noise.
  • Some chests are fake, if you enter a room and see a chest move its lid, take a few shots at it (from a safe distance).
  • You can roll over these tiny blobby bois.
  • You can go on a chest destroying spree and get a familiar called Ser junkan who will damage foes.
    Hovever some chests blow up upon destruction so maintaining a safe distance is advised.
  • If you find yourself on fire, poisoned, et cetera, repeatedly dodge-roll until the floating indicator above your head disappears.
  • Do not fire your weapon in the shop.
  • Play through the tutorial again if you feel like you’re missing something.
  • Look up keybindings in the controls section of options to edit something to your preference or figure out buttons you may not have tried.
  • The different varieties of bullats lock on to your position and rush at you. They have low health but are invulnerable when they charge at you. Among them the ghostly one (spirat) is the most deadly as it can feint fake charges and rush again and again from different angles.
  • During boss fights, try to look more at your character model rather than at the boss. Instead look at the boss through your peripheral vision and just focus on avoiding damage.
  • Don’t dodge-roll too much, learn to sidestep bullets.
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