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MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

Game:   MORDHAU  |  Jul 7, 2019   
MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

Short tutorial of how to votekick someone who's trolling, teamkilling or interrupting duels.


Enabling Console

If you're already ingame, you want to click tilde button `~`, and console will appear on bootom of your screen.

MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

Then you want to click tilde button again, and you should get a full sized console like one below.

MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

Kicking the Person

Instead of finding guy's steam ID through overlay, it's easier to do this with command in console, especially when our target has some special characters in nickname.

After we opened up the big console, we have to type in 'PlayerList' and click enter.

MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

Then we can type in number from left side of target's nick, which is separated from Steam ID64.

MORDHAU - How to Votekick?

At the end, make sure that you NEVER kick innocent people. This guide was made to help you kick people teamkilling, spike absuing or generally trolling.
Written by Deathwish
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