Blood: Fresh Supply – Cheat Codes

Blood: Fresh Supply - Cheat Codes
Blood: Fresh Supply - Cheat Codes

All cheats for Blood: Fresh Supply.

Crudux Cruo!

Like any game from the ’90s, Blood comes bundled with plenty of cheat codes to toy with. These cheats range from useful (infinite ammo, superjump, etc…) to pointless (set yourself on fire, go blind, etc…), and this guide lists pretty much all of them.

To enter these cheat codes, press the “chat” button (T by default) and type in the relevant phrase.

Cheat Codes

  • mpkfa – Enable/disable godmode
  • lara croft – All weapons, infinite ammo
  • idaho – All weapons, full ammo
  • montana – All weapons and items, full ammo
  • satchel – All items
  • spork – 200% health
  • griswold – 200% armor
  • mario – Skip to a specific level (For example, type mario 4 2 to skip to E4M2)
  • calgon – Skip the current level
  • eva galli – Clip through walls
  • keymaster – All keys
  • tequila – Grants guns akimbo (dual-wielding)
  • onering – Grants phantom cloak (invisibility)
  • voorhees – Grants temporarily invulnerability
  • goonies – Outlines unexplored areas on the automap
  • oakisland – Shows entities on the automap *
  • funky shoes – Grants jump boots **
  • cousteau – 200% health, grants diving suit
  • capinmyass – Enable godmode ***
  • i wanna be like kevin – Enable godmode ***
  • nocapinmyass – Disable godmode
  • rate – Display frame rate
  • jojo – Drunk mode
  • fork broussard – Drunk mode, revokes all weapons
  • sterno – Temporary blindness
  • krueger – 200% health and sets you on fire, displays message “Flame retardant!”
  • mcgee – Sets you on fire, displays message “You’re fired!”
  • kevorkian – Suicide, displays message “Kevorkian approves.”
  • edmark – Suicide, displays message “Ahhh… those were the days.”

* This cheat is exclusive to Fresh Supply.

** In the original release of Blood, this cheat automatically turned on the jump boots it granted you. In Fresh Supply, you’ll need to manually turn them on.

*** Identical to mpkfa, except the effect can’t be toggled by retyping the same cheat.

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