King Arthur’s Gold – Basic Competence as Builder

King Arthur's Gold - Basic Competence as Builder
King Arthur's Gold - Basic Competence as Builder

I have found no guide which sums up, in simple terms, how to play builder. So here it is.


The only acceptable type of trap in KAG involves crossdressing. Do not build traps. Listed below are reasons why you should not do this under any circumstance:

  • Waste of manpower.
  • Waste of stone and wood.
  • Lack of effectiveness.
  • The enemy can use your trap blocks as doors.
  • It can often weaken your defenses.

Basically, making a trap is trading several minutes and a hundred or so stone for 1 kill.


Do not tunnel. The tunnel building is excellent and your team should be using it. The strategy of mining blocks below the surface to end up with a literal tunnel between two places, however, is terrible, and basically equivalent to griefing. Listed below are reasons why:

  • It is a massive investment of manpower.
  • Even if you build doors, the enemy can easily get in and use the tunnel against you.
  • It continues to waste manpower as the game progresses when fighting is going on in it.
  • Tunnels usually backfire.

What to Actually Do

Always stay on task. Manpower (time*people) is the most valuable resource in KAG.
If you have no idea what to do in the moment as builder, just go knight. More knights are always useful, no matter how incompetent. Below are basic guidelines.
Is the flag secure? If not, build a stone case around it.

Can knights get to the front line quickly? If not, build ladders or doors where they get stuck. Build a tunnel (the building) if the front line is far away. A tunnel should always be placed right next to the tent as well.

Do you have infrastructure? Here’s what you should build, in order of importance:

  • Basic defenses (listed above).
  • Knight shop.

At this point, you should consider going out into the fray and building an advanced base or mining into the enemy base. KAG is not minecraft. You are a military engineer, not a civic engineer.

  • Tree/wood farm.
  • Archer shop.
  • A taller base: height is power.
  • Tunnel (the building).
  • Siege workshop (and boat shop if it is a water map).
  • Literally just go out on the front at this point.
  • If there is no stone left on the map via some horrific scorched earth scenario, and only in this scenario, build a quarry.

What If I Have No Idea What is Going on Ever?

If you don’t know what to do at all, your game plan should be as follows:

  • At the start of the game, before the red barrier drops, just gather resources. Don’t build anything (aside from maybe a flag cage).
  • When the barrier is about to drop (10-20 seconds left) switch to knight. Sit up against the red barrier and attack the middle when it drops. Even if you are a terrible knight, bodies help.
  • Observe builders. Learn by watching how they build. Learn by watching how they play. Take note of what works and what does not. This goes for allied and enemy builders alike.
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