Mad Games Tycoon – How to Play This Game

Mad Games Tycoon - How to Play This Game
Mad Games Tycoon - How to Play This Game

This game practically feels broken when you start it up.
Here’s some pointers to help get you actually enjoying this amazing game.

How to Play This Game


Alt-enter works, the in-game menu does not. So just push alt-enter.

Text too small?

Push escape, go to gameplay settings. At the bottom there is a GUI size slider. Yep, you’d think that would possibly be in graphics, but I missed it. I couldn’t even barely play the game at first because of the small text, but this helped quite a bit.

Why does my game suck?

Basically, a large aspect of this game is figuring out what combinations work. The problem is, there’s just SOOO many things to figure out, and the process isn’t even fun, and the game doesn’t tell you how to do it (basically, you randomly guess, then create a game report through QA to see what worked, then randomly guess again).

If that sounds tedious and boring to you, then you can go to the guides for this game, and the first one has a full list of all the genres, and exactly what audience, topics, settings, and priority everything should be set to. This way, your games will do MUCH better.

You want to use the current popular genre, match your topics to the genre, use all the features available, and align all the sliders appropriately. Do that, and you can get 90%+ every time.

What staff attributes work for which room?

Want to optimize your performance of your company? Each room has certain attributes that it uses, and the other attributes are worthless there. Knowing these attributes helps you train your people effectively, without wasting time, so that each job will be done better, and faster. This will also increase the quality of your games, so you make more money.

How do you find which attributes work for which room? Click on a room, and now just below the room are little icons for more info. Click the one that looks like a person’s head, and you’ll see your staff for that room. At the top it will tell you which attributes this room likes.

This helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Most rooms only use one attribute, so it’s a waste of time to train super employees, which I was doing.

How to unlock stuff

At the top of the screen, you’ll see a little lock. This will tell you how to unlock some things if you click it.

You can unlock graphics/sounds/etc. things in the research room, under the title “other” (if that seems obvious, many have missed it, including myself).

You are a character in this game

Maybe you realized it, maybe you didn’t. I was 14 hours into this game before I realized it. You are actually one of the little employees running around! When you chose your stats, those weren’t hidden values somewhere. It’s the stats your little character has. I don’t believe you actually have to pay yourself, which makes sense, so I’d recommend making your little person an all-star.

Tips and Tricks

1. Consoles are a HUUUUGE cash sink, and will give very little in return. From what I understand, it’s purely based on fans. I have 800k fans, and my consoles are losing me hundreds of millions of dollars. You have to spend a LOT in research, then a LOT in development. I did see returns, but it took a long time, and a lot of investment. After all that, they ended up beingas profitable as a few games, so still not really too worth it.

2. You will find that some aspects of your game will get finished, and then you sit around waiting for others. This wasted time is going to cost you (time = money), so try and even out your workforce in terms of what will make all aspects of a game get finished all at once. Here’s the method I used.

  • 11 development
  • 4 motion capture
  • 6 quality assurance
  • 5 sound
  • 5 graphic

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