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Sakura Magical Girls - 100% Achievement Guide

Created by Birckk   ::   Sep 20, 2017    
Sakura Magical Girls - 100% Achievement Guide


This game is really quick to complete 100% percent and only takes two runs. All you have to do is press every available choice in the game. So you can basically skip the game and every time you see a choice in the first run choose the upper one and in the second run do the second choice every time and that's it. Good luck with the game. "Note" it can save some time to save before every option.

I will also do a 2 routes, section to complete the game but they really aren't needed as it seems it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you press all choices in the game.

Routes to Complete the Game

You can do it in two runs or save before every choice you get. the only requirement is to choose all choices in those two runs.

Route #1

  • Finish up my work quickly.
  • Left.
  • Left.
  • Go back to the hotel room to rest.
  • Enjoy the SPA.

Route #2

  • Take my time.
  • Right.
  • Right.
  • Head to the beach.
  • Try to go down to the basement.

Created by Birckk.