» » MORDHAU - Stairway to Hell Achievement

MORDHAU - Stairway to Hell Achievement

Game:   MORDHAU  |  May 5, 2019   
MORDHAU - Stairway to Hell Achievement

This guide will help you in earning the achievement "Stairway to Hell".

Stairway to Hell

So for this achievement I noticed that not that many people have gotten it so I decided to make a guide fully describing how to get the achievement.

It says "Kill 5 enemies while climbing a ladder", I personally thought it mean't that I had to kill people that are climbing a ladder, but it means that you have to kill 5 enemies while you are on a ladder. I achieved this by having people go on a ladder and then follow behind them and kill them from below while on the same ladder.

Hope this helps you out!
Written by Minty
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