Pandemic Express – Zombie Escape – Beginner’s Guide

Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape - Beginner's Guide
Pandemic Express - Zombie Escape - Beginner's Guide


Pandemic Express is a co-op survival game in which survivors attempt to reach and ride a train to it’s destination, while attempting to survive a horde of zombies controlled by dead players.

Your First Game

You’re going to load into a small area filled with the others players in the lobby, after the timer counts down the game begins. One player is randomly selected as the first zombie, the first zombie has a limited amount of time with all the players trapped in the spawn before the yellow bars are raised. Keep in mind, there is more than one exit.


Each weapon has it’s own rarity, which white (One star) being the worst, and Purple (Four stars) being the best.


Vehicles in PE have limited gas, and can transport large amounts of survivors very quickly. Keep in mind, Zombies can enter vehicles.

The Train

The train starts to move once someone is on, and will continue until all survivors get off or until it reaches certain events around the map.

Various Tips

  • Equipping armor prevents zombies from being able to throw you.
  • The train will pass the Zombie nest multiple times, Bombers can activate their bomb while inside their spawn, then jump out onto the train.
  • Currently, the Bomber’s explosive goes through the train.
  • While exploding, the bomber glows and is extremely visible, shooting it will knock it out of range.
  • Zombies can take barrels from their spawn and throw it at survivors, it does no damage but has a large knock-back. Use this to throw survivors off the train.
  • One survivor will spawn with a pistol in the starting room.
  • Use the mattresses around the map to get back onto the train.
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