Estellium Legends – Local Co-Op

Estellium Legends - Local Co-Op
Estellium Legends - Local Co-Op

How to play Local Co-Op.

How to Do It

In order to play co-op with this game, you will need to update your game to the beta version with the password: animadragon56. Please keep in mind that this build is experimental and is prone to some crashing. But if you want to use Parsec or play with a buddy, you will need this build for local co-op.

Once you are in the game, the second player must press start on their controller. You must also turn on player followers for an out of combat multiplayer experience. The other players may press start again to drop out at every time. Once a player is connected however, he/she must move towards the first player to continue to the screen. If you find that the screen isn’t moving forward, simply move back all the way and then forward kind of like a slingshot effect. Depending on how many players you have connected at once (Four is the maximum) determines how many allies each player can control. There are 6 allies in battle in total.

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