System Crash – Achievements Guide

System Crash - Achievements Guide
System Crash - Achievements Guide


Now most are story driven and are not possible to miss. Here are a few that you can miss:

Collector – Go the the black market and hit the blue !. Look at all the blued out cards (make sure all 4 card types are lit up). Buy every card you are missing. At least one copy. If you have done the editing of the payout tables, one win should get you enough cash.

The Devil Her Due / Defiant – You need to back up your file and do both! Refuse to Pay Miriam! Even though after the cash exploit… you easily will have enough cash to pay off the lady that’s bullying you at the beginning of the game… Before you do you need to back up the game… DO NOT! Continue being a jerk until refuse to pay her becomes an option. You are never supposed to have that much cash at this point in the game and therefore you can miss this!

Tournament Awards – Do not forget to unlock hard level in the tournament area. As the tournament area unlocks, you can just knock this out right away. Just don’t wait till the Underworld campaign!

Spare / Kill Cunningham – The end of the 1st Campaign the final battle ends with a choice! once you’ve made it, you are supposed to start the game all over to reach this choice again and pick the other one to get the other achievement! This counted for the lion’s share of my time. So to save you guys the headache… Before you go to the “Cunningham” fight locate your save file. {documentsRogue Moon Studios} You can do a search for Rogue Moon Studios to find it fast!

Accept / Decline Canto’s Invitation – Same as above… When you are playing the DLC. you will get a call from Canto. Before you respond to anything… exit the game. Again locate your save and back it up. Accept it first just to get the achievement. Copy back the file and decline the to get the other.

Seller’s Market – Sell 40 Cards to the black market – Locate the card Innocent Bystander. Buy 40 of them and immediately sell them back. Done!

Build 10 Decks – This is as Easy as going to Black market area, go to the right side, Click on an open tab, Name a deck (press enter to save the name), put one card in it, say yes I know it’s not ready, and do this 9 more times.

All the others are story related and cannot be missed!

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