Domina – Easiest Start Guide

Domina - Easiest Start Guide
Domina - Easiest Start Guide

A quick, easy guide to starting your ludis.

Starting a New Game

When you start a new game:

  • Sell off all of your gladiators.
  • Purchase a slave from the magistrate. 

These gladiators will instantly have max level AI, and additional agility and strength over the starting gladiators.

They are many times stronger.

Equip the slave with whatever you can afford, leaving yourself a couple coins.
You’re already unstoppable, but to be a little bit stronger.

Fight in the pit. Take the money you earn and buy a faber. Teach him auto-upgrade.
Heal if necessary. Your fights should be very easy because your AI is far superior to the starting gladiators.

Fight with this gladiator for a while, then buy two new slaves a short while before you retire or sell the first gladiator. Have all three fight together in the ‘boss’ arenas to train them. This can even be done while they are naked, since your gladiator should be more than beast enough to kill anything alone after 10 fights. The slaves will just run away from opponents if they aren’t assigend a class yet.

But they’ll also get stronger.

Domina - Easiest Start Guide

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