Fate EXTELLA LINK – Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Fate EXTELLA LINK - Multiplayer Tips and Tricks
Fate EXTELLA LINK - Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

Multiplayer Basics

The multiplayer in this game thus far only has one game mode and it is a king of the hill game mode. Each match lasts for ten minutes or until one team holds onto the points long enough to fill their team gauge (thus winning the match for them).

This section covers the most basic of multiplayer concepts. These are towers, noble phantasms, and the hill.


  • There are class-restricted towers that will appear throughout the duration of the match for each map. These towers give your team either an attack boost or a defense boost.
  • These towers can be destroyed by any servant of the opposing team (in relation to the team that activated the tower) after they have been activated.
  • These towers are denoted by a gray icon on the map that will say “saber tower:, “lancer tower”, etc.

Noble Phantasms

  • Noble phantasms in multiplayer are not earned by killing enemies during drive mode or by breaking charge crystals (like the story).
  • Instead noble phantasms can only be unlocked by finding the NP tower that corresponds to your class.
  • These towers are denoted by a green icon on the map that will say “saber tower”, “lancer tower”, etc.
  • These towers appear for random classes, so there’s a fair probability that you won’t get to use an NP in multiplayer.
  • Noble Phantasms give a warning to opposing servants that an NP is being activated, and each NP takes about 10 seconds to activate (giving enemies time to flee).

The Hill

  • The hill will earn points for the team occupying it, as long as no member of the opposing team is on it (which would count as the hill being contested).
  • The hill changes location every 2 minutes.

Advanced Multiplayer Tips

You can prepare for battle by equiping mystic codes (master), or by changing active or instant skills (both affect servant being used).

Active Skills

Each active skill for all servants is classified as either:

  • Close range attack skill
  • Long range attack skill
  • Burst attack skill
  • Rush attack skill
  • Area attack skill

The attack power and cooldown for each active skill is visible when browsing the active skills for a servant. Certain classes are more prone to having a corresponding skill type (sabers have close range attack skills, archers have long range, lancers and riders have rush attack, etc.)

The Active skills of your servant can be enhanced through your instant skills, which i discuss here.

Instant Skills

Instant skills are best thought of as passive skills/modifiers.

They are divided into red (affects attack), blue (affects defense), and yellow (affects moon drive, mana gauge, and consists of imperial privilege).

Imperial privilege boosts the attack power of corresponding skills (imperial privilege-lancer and imperial privilege-rider boosts rush attack skills, whereas imperial privilege-saber and imperial privilege-assassin boost close range attack skills, etc.)

  • I mention imperial privilege by name because it’s a must have to do considerable damage.
  • You can equip two imperial privileges that affect the same skills to boost those attack skills even further.

Having obstinate and anti-hero (both are blue) increase your defense and increase your defense against servants respectively.

  • These are must haves for multiplayer as well.

Guardian of the moon, supreme strike, clairvoyance, Martial Blessing, and H. Spirit Slayer (all red) are must haves for multiplayer as well as they make your servant put out more damage.

  • Supreme Strike makes it almost certain that you NP will kill all enemies inside (even if they’re in moon drive).
  • Clairvoyance is broken with Gilgamesh and Karna.
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