FAR: Lone Sails – How to Use the Ship

FAR: Lone Sails - How to Use the Ship
FAR: Lone Sails - How to Use the Ship

How It All Works

  • 1. Winch: Used to help you reverse the ship.
  • 2. Refuler: Place fuel on the platform where the arrow points up. Press the button with the /.
  • 3. Fire Hose: Puts out fires. Hot hot hot!
  • 4. Cargo hooks: several around the ship, can hold one item each.
  • 5. Elevator: Gotta go up!
  • 6. Steam Gauge: Don’t let it get full!
  • 7. Brake: Stop the train CJ!
  • 8. Steam engine throttle: Push in to make the ship to start to move forward, consumes fuel and builds steam. Slowly resets itself.
  • 9. Fuel tank: The stomach of the ship.
  • 10. Respawn point: Has a few hooks and a bed. When you load a save you spawn here.
  • 11. Health Bars and Mileage marker: Health of various parts of the ship. Match the symbol to the corresponding part. Mileage marker carries over each new checkpoint reached.
  • 12. Winch button: More hooks and a winch button. Pulls the forward winch in.
  • 13. Forward Winch: Can pull the ship when your out of fuel.

FAR: Lone Sails - How to Use the Ship

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