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Project Zomboid - Easy Long Term Survival Camping at the River

Created by Nikoyal   ::   Sep 19, 2017    
Project Zomboid - Easy Long Term Survival Camping at the River

In this guide i will tell you one of my favorite strategies for survival.Its quite easy and you may survive for alot of time Works only in West point

First Days

This is the hardest most fun and most important part.

When u start the game You should not pay attention to the houses go only for garages and mainly look for fishing magazines and tent materials (1xTarp and 4xTent Pegs) .You can take gas cans and a generator for lategame when u might need some electricity but i personally dont do that. Also if you want you can hit a few houses and search for a duffle bag. After finding the needed magazines you should head for the center.

When You are At the Center Of West Point.

Next you must go for the center of West Point and hit the Library and Only focus on geting fishing for begginers and Cooking for begginers if you have time and find Farming or Foraging for begginers also take them.

Right after that you should hit the Hardware store its a few buildings to the right. When you get there you should grab a hammer a few fishing rods fishing bait and Fishing Net a saw and a axe and if you already dont have the tent materials you can possibly find them here (1xTarp and 4xTent pegs to build one).

A door away is our foo market where you can grab some food it is very important to not take food that doesnt spoil like chips or canned food since we can use them in late game while eating food that spoils like meats and vegetables early on before the Electricity stops.

If You still havent found tent materials or a tent kit Our next stop is at the Storage Lots/Large Warehouse Where you should also search for Sledge Hammer and there is also a good chance a shotty and shells spawn there.

After that hit for this location Where you will setup your main base and drop down your items for now and try to stick close to the river.

Here is How me and my friend set up our camp at 11 day.

Creating Your Camp

So after finding the perfect place that you will call home for the rest of your life lets see what we can do to improve it.

First off it is important to have a place to store your materials since we cannot leave them on the floor. The easiest way to do that is to grab some cardboard boxes from the Post Office.

Or maybe you can find closer ones to your spawn.

Now When you get the storages and go home you will need a fire where you will cook your food and boil your water. Grab that axe that you took from the Hardware store earlyer and make a campfire.

Having Log walls is the easiest way to stay safe you can just surround your camp with them and have one exit since Log walls dont need eny carpentry level to build but i personally dont build them since i dont like the looks :D

This is how my camp looks like...

Project Zomboid - Easy Long Term Survival Camping at the River


Well its pretty simple since there arent much zombies you should read the fishing book first and start fishing hopefully you got the magazines and you can craft a fishing rod and repair one if those from the hardware store get broken since in low levels they often do.

This way you will have acces to unlimited food and you can use the fishing nets to get small fish for bait or to eat them.

You can start farming if you found a trowel for even more food but that isnt really necessary since fishing will keep you fed.

For zombies you can use the sledge hammer to destroy the fences off the Gun Shop so you can get weapons for when huge hordes of zombies come (That rarely happends).

Or you can just visit the police office and break down the door if it is not open but the weapons and ammo arent that much.

From here on now it pretty much comes to you and remember the more often you go to the city center and houses the more you put yourself to danger!

Good Luck survivor!

Created by Nikoyal.