HELLDIVERS – RL-112 Support

HELLDIVERS - RL-112 Support
HELLDIVERS - RL-112 Support

All all-purpose Cyborg load-out.


The following is a general, all-purpose load-out, designed for Cyborg incursions and can be used under any circumstances – regardless of the difficulty, map terrain, or mission type (no downloadable content required). This is probably not the best load-out in the game. Because it is tailored for all scenarios, it lacks the advantages of those that are tailored for a specific scenario. I have chosen to share this load-out only because it works well for me, and so it may be useful.

The “RL-112 Recoil-less Rifle” is at the heart of this load-out. It is versatile and powerful, in that it can be used to take down any target with one shot – from any angle. The firing speed, reload speed, range, accuracy, and mobility is superior to both the “M-25 Rumbler” and the “AT-47 Anti-Tank Emplacement”.

The difficulties with this load-out will be explained below, in the next section.

Details and Conclusion

  • Heavy Armor: Recommended (Optional) for damage mitigation.
  • SG-225 ‘Breaker'”: Optimal for Butchers.
  • Resupply: For Retaliatory Strike missions, two is optimal.
  • RL-112 Recoil-less Rifle: Assistance with reloading is mandatory.
  • Resupply Pack: Necessary for sustained damage output.

The difficulty lies in the fact that there is only one anti-tank method; if the rocket launcher is lost, you will be punished. However, the trade-off between firepower and risk is often justified.

HELLDIVERS - RL-112 Support

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