Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove – Advanced Tricks & Tips

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Advanced Tricks & Tips
Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove - Advanced Tricks & Tips

This guide will showcase some of the skips that are for people like speedrunners. We will look through the different characters, armors, and relics.

Shovel Knight

Alchemy Coin:

  • When I first found the Alchemy coin, I knew it had to have another purpose. It is able to give the player a high jump. All you need to do is throw the coin at a distance while facing an enemy, then jump off of it when it bounces off of the enemy. Now Shovel Knight can reach higher places.

Mobile Gear:

  • The Mobile Gear not only protects you from spikes, but it can jump over gaps and stick to walls too.
    In combination with the Phase Locket, you can speed through wide open levels.

Dynamo Mail:

  • The Dynamo Mail automatically charges a charge hit after you bounce twice in a row. This is useful in boss battles for speedruns. It is even showcased as one of the challenges. This, and the Chaos Sphere, are good for hammering hits on bosses in a short amount of time.

Plague Knight

Plague Knight is the king of mobility, since he has the bomb jump right from the start. The Vats and the double jumps are insane.

Fleet Flask:

  • The Fleet Flask makes Plague Knight dash through things and run fast.
    This item basically turns him into Sonic.

The Goo Garment:

  • This item is another “Sonic” item. It allows you to spin off of walls when you bomb jump. This can lead to trick shots, in order to get height at an angle.

Specter Knight

Since Specter Knight is so focused on power, there are only a few options.

Judgement Rush:

  • This item moves you to the closest enemy on screen. This is a really cheaty skip.

Rail Mail:

  • This cloak can let you get a little bit more speed when you jump off of rails.

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