Dawn of Man – Important Tips & Tricks

Dawn of Man - Important Tips & Tricks
Dawn of Man - Important Tips & Tricks

Hi, I made this game just to make it clear for new players to understand the balancing trick between production and food in this game. In other words, how to survive.

Important Tips

Before you rush to the game running on x8 speed building and enjoying the game and after several years oooops , famine, no straws, raiders are raiding your settlement as if it was a free real estate. in order to avoid such mistakes follow the coming rules:

1 – Do not expand fast: this is a very important rule for you to maintain. you need to resist the urge to expand your techs into new eras without being ready. Expanding into new eras will increase the amount of raiders and if you are not able to maintain your village from raiders then they will keep consume your population until you are done.

2 – Workload is more dangerous than it seems to be: I noticed something about the AI that each person do single task individually, they do not do several tasks at the same time even if it looks like a possible thing to you, this is a simulation not real life adam smith management principles. so do not expect the AI to pick up tools in its way while doing other tasks even if it has free carrying slots and time to do so. Also, if the workload is high, you could miss harvesting season which means your animals will starve and you will not be able to renew your forts after the coming raid. therefore, you will lose years of progress for a fool mistake.

3 – Avoid hunting in planting/harvesting season: remember, you can hunt whenever you want but planting/harvesting has a very limited time. also, don’t forget to provide a sickle for every able hand.

4 – Manage your production limits based on your needs so you can avoid having inefficient workload.

5 – Concentrate your towers so they can fight the most possible raiders at once, this to avoid getting your towers destroyed one by one.

6 – Do not start massive projects when you lack the manpower, better do these projects step by step. e.g. Building the ultimate megalith/ massive walls or towers projects.

7 – Build as much as possible of totems and they better be located close to the residence/work locations. totems are cheap and easy way to increase your prestige which also increases the possibility of new people to join your village.

8 – Locate Haystack so they can be close to the fields, same for granaries. this is logical and more efficient for kids of your village so they can store straws faster and then transport the valuable wheat to your granaries.

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