Bullet Witch – Achievement Guide

Bullet Witch - Achievement Guide
Bullet Witch - Achievement Guide

This guide lists all Achievements for Bullet Witch and how to unlock them.

Stage Achievements

The Stage Achievements are earned by clearing a stage at any difficulty.
Clearing all stages for the first time will unlock an additional achievement.

  • The Beginning of the End – Cleared Stage 1.
  • The City Falls – Cleared Stage 2.
  • Unfriendly Skies – Cleared Stage 3.
  • Mountains of Madness – Cleared Stage 4.
  • Forest of Horror – Cleared Stage 5.
  • Final Showdown – Cleared Stage 6.
  • Now I’ve Seen Everything – Cleared All Stages.

Difficulty Achievements

These achievements are unlocked once all 6 stages have been completed on a specific difficulty. They need to be unlocked through ‘New Game’ and they will not unlock by beating the stages through ‘Stage Select’.

These achievements have to be earned individually. Beating the game on hard difficulty on your first playthrough won’t subsequently unlock the achievements for beating it on normal and easy. In order to unlock all these achievements the game has to be beaten at least 5 times.

Bullet Witch - Achievement Guide

The chaos difficulty is unlocked by beating the game on hard difficulty.
The hell difficulty is unlocked by beating the game on chaos difficulty.

  • Neophyte – Cleared all stages on EASY difficulty.
  • Apprentice – Cleared all stages on NORMAL difficulty.
  • Acolyte – Cleared all stages on HARD difficulty.
  • Adept – Cleared all stages on CHAOS difficulty.
  • Bullet Witch – Cleared all stages on HELL difficulty.

Additional Achievements

Fully Loaded

After completing a stage you’ll receive skill points that can subsequently be spent on abilities, gun rod upgrades and magic. Once everything has been unlocked and upgraded to the highest level this achievement will unlock. It’s likely to unlock in one of the later playthroughs that are necessary for the difficulty achievements.

Addicted to War

This will probably be the last achievement to unlock. It requires 15 hours playtime. Playtime specifically refers to time spent in stages. Once finishing a stage there’ll be a rating/ranking screen. It’ll tell you the clear time for a stage. It is only once you reach this screen that the time displayed will be added to your total.

Bullet Witch - Achievement Guide

In this screenshot, where I dashed through a level for fun in 1 minute and 36 seconds, I’ll have only added 1 minute and 36 seconds to my total. Had I left before finishing the stage I wouldn’t have added anything to my total. There is no way to check your current total time.

It should also be noted that the discussion forums feature a few people complaining that the achievements didn’t work for them. I can’t confirm this myself, but be wary that it’s a possibility.

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