Dark Deception – Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil
Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

If you just can’t seem to get a perfect strategy for S-ranking the school, then look no further as this guide will guarantee a perfect S-rank! This guide is for those who are really struggling with S-ranks and will utilise cheats and exploits. I may make other guides for Deadly Decadence and later levels if / when I find some cheats and exploits that can be used to get an S-rank.

Everything in this guide was found out and thought of by me. Yup. No external video sources were used.

Note: you need to have beaten Deadly Decadence before using this guide as you can use abilities from later levels in earlier levels via replay and trust me the teleportation ability is CRUCIAL to this strategy.

The Beginning

Before we begin, make sure to organise your abilities. I chose boost=q, teleport=e but you can choose differently.

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

Once inside the main hall, wait for Agatha to stop talking and instead of going into the open left door, walk to the closed right door. Here we will learn how to do a:

Door skip.

Door skips are quite simple. All you need to do is walk in front of a door and activate teleport.

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

All you need to do now is move your teleporter to a point where it is behind the door and, while not looking directly at the door, left click and BOOM. Your’e now on the other side!

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

Zone 1

As the chapter has been public for just over a month now, I’m not gonna show where every secret is as you probably already know.

Anyway, run around using boost whenever you can collecting shards but leave one shard left. I highly suggest missing one that is close to the open door in the main hall. This will be important later.

Zoom back to where the open door in the main hall would be and boost through it, collecting the shards that are behind it (from your perspective). This will trigger Agatha to speak and the music to start. Once it starts, collect the left over shard. See, if you collect every shard and THEN trigger the music, Agatha won’t disappear and the zone 2 barrier won’t disappear.

FYI, if you didn’t collect all 3 secret files in the zone while running around collecting shards, go get them now.

Zone 2

Upon entering the gym where you see Malak walking along the balcony area, run at the door and initiate a door skip before he even stops laughing. When you are here:

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

Wait for your teleport ability to recharge and perform a door skip on the door to your right WITHOUT triggering Agatha’s dialogue. From here it’s the same as zone 1 but this time you absolutely MUST collect the secret file as you won’t have any time after collecting the last shard as Agatha won’t disappear until you grab that ring piece.

Anyway collect every shard except one near the boost webs, do a door skip through the same door you went through to get in and trigger Agatha’s dialogue. Break the webs after and wait for the music and then get the shard. Now, BE AWARE. One of the times I tried this Agatha appeared in the gym door for some reason. Luckily I teleported and boosted past her but you might not be so lucky. If she does the same with you, just run around the zone while dodging Agatha and loop around. Make a mad dash for the ring piece.

But now wee have to wait for the Agatha cutscene though right?

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil



Initiate yet another door skip on the door behind you and run to the main hall one last time. HOWEVER, make sure to wait behind the door furthest away from where you will arrive in the main hall (A.K.A. the open door on the left from the beginning).

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

When you can hear Malak speaking about how you must give back the ring piece and he’ll make your death quick nonsense, enter the main hall. The 2 side doors will slam shut. Agatha will close the exit door and teleport behind you closing you in until Bierce comes along and saves the day by opening the door again (as you already know).

You should be free to boost to the exit now!

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

Go on, jump head-first into that portal and claim your prize, a glorious S-rank!

…That I missed out on cause I missed out one secret gah!!!

Dark Deception - Super Easy S-Rank: Elementary Evil

End of Guide

Hope this guide helped anyone having trouble with the S-rank!
Let me know if I should do more of these.
See ya when I see ya!

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