BalanCity – Towered Blocks

BalanCity - Towered Blocks
BalanCity - Towered Blocks

Guide to beat Mission: Towered blocks. This guide uses expanding the main area to make it less of a pain to beat the level.

Main Guide

The main idea is to follow the screen shot i added. you can place “Coal plants” in a upside down pyramid scheme. This allows you to Take the Main platform “about the size of 1 coal plant” and make it as big as you want. Doing this allows you to Build lines of homes and offices, I would stay away from building block’s as they cause issues down the road, Just stick with lines of offices and homes.

BalanCity - Towered Blocks

If you follow this it should not tip or really come close to it. and then you end it by adding a statue.

BalanCity - Towered Blocks

And thats all there is to it.

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