Fear The Wolves – Achievement Guide

Fear The Wolves - Achievement Guide
Fear The Wolves - Achievement Guide

Basically how to get every achievement.

How to Get Them

  • A Friend in Need: Revive an injured teammate
  • Airborne Forces: Win a battle by evacuation
  • An Eye for an Eye: Avenge your teammate’s death
  • Animal Lover: Kill 5 wolves during a match
  • Butcher: Kill 20 enemies
  • Cerebral: Kill 3 enemies with headshots during a match
  • Cheeki Breeki: Win your first battle
  • Collector: Unlock all items for a single reward set
  • Endangered Species: Kill 100 wolves
  • Fear the Player: Kill 50 wolves
  • Heartbroken: Get a Wolf Matriarch heart
  • Hecatomb: Kill 50 enemies
  • Hugger: Kill 10 enemies in melee
  • Marathon: Win 5 matches
  • Natural Born Killer: Kill your first enemy
  • Ninja: Evacuate without killing anybody
  • Old School Methods: Kill an enemy in melee
  • P.R.E.D.A.T.O:R: Use a Spore Artifact
  • Rampage: Kill 5 enemies during a match
  • Serial Killer: Kill 3 enemies during a match
  • Survivalist: Win 15 matches
  • Tactile: Kill 5 enemies in melee

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