Resident Evil 2 – How to Get the Grim Reaper Achievement / Trophy

Resident Evil 2 - How to Get the Grim Reaper Achievement / Trophy
Resident Evil 2 - How to Get the Grim Reaper Achievement / Trophy

Full Resident Evil 2 Remake 4th Survivor Walkthrough. 4th Survivor is a bonus game mode. Beating it unlocks the trophy “Grim Reaper” (Complete “The 4th Survivor” extra mode).

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4th Survivor Walkthrough

This one will test your patience, skill in the game and your luck. In 4th survivor you play as Hunk and have to make your way through the sewers all the way back to the main entrance of the Police Station while obviously having to take the long way each time since your usual fastest way is somehow blocked.

You start with 4 weapons, some ammo and a few healing items as well as some defensive items and gun powder. In the video above you will see how I managed to finish it, but let me explain why I did some actions which might not be obvious at first:

  • I used my gun powder to craft Shotgun Shells, since Shotty has the best spread and you don’t have to aim very precisely. It helps since you want to move forward all the time, especially while being chased by Mr. X. 
  • I unequipped my defensive items early in order to keep them for later, the last part outside of RPD is basically pure madness. I died there once trying to get past the zombie festival there because a plant zombie grabbed me which ends in an insta-kill. I kept my grenades for that part only. 
  • I used my red-blue mixture at a weird point it seems but I did it for a reason. Red-Blue gives you a temporary defense boost and immunity against poison. I used it for the area I knew I wouldn’t bother with enemies since I need the ammo later as well as for protection from those big enemies in the sewers. They will grab you but you can simply ignore it since you won’t get poisoned.

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