Starbound – Totally Legal Guide

Starbound - Totally Legal Guide
Starbound - Totally Legal Guide

Want that Legal Goods Store for your license!?
It’s simple, really.

So You Want a Cruiser?

Well, I’m here to help with this totally legal guide.
Keep reading, and you’ll find out how to do the magic of a giant ship.
Hopefully you don’t get arrested.

First Off

Find a settlement. it can be big, small, above water, and under-water.
Look for people with quests. (They have a yellow exclamation point, if you don’t know.)
Now, I got lucky on an alien planet. I found 2 settlements, but with only 2 near spawn and 1 at the other one. The hardest quests I’d have to say are rescue/escort missions.
I’ll talk about those later.

But you need to do quests, but you have to understand the type of quest, hence this next part.

Quest Types

You got a couple of different ones, we’re not talking about the main story or space station quests, nor the colony quests.
Here’s the list.

  • Escort Mission – Find the person you are looking for and get them from their spot to the quest giver’s spot. (if they get stuck they’ll teleport to you, but beware, they can aggro monsters.) 
  • Rescue Mission – Like an Escort mission, but enemies surround your target and s/he cannot be damaged until the ones who captured them are dead. (if they get stuck they’ll teleport to you, but beware, they can aggro monsters.) 
  • Elimination Mission – There’s a group of enemies you must eliminate. They can vary from 3-6, and usually 1-3 carry machine guns, and the others swords+shields/hammers. 
  • Assassination Mission – You must find a target and take them out. They might have a pet in a capture pod, and what’s cool is if you get it low enough (Half health or less), you can capture it. Be careful, though. They can hurt. Floran tergets try to “surrender” asking you to put away your weapons, but if you do, they’ll start attacking you again. 
  • Delivery Missions – You must deliver items to the quest giver. (plant fiber and such) Usually, it’s in small quantities around 4-8. 
  • Chain Missions – Usually they start off with you getting some ore, (usually iron), and it seems to mainly be 4 at a time. They then have you smelt it, return it to them, and then sometimes they have you give something to someone else, then they give something to you to give to them, such as secrets. (You can read them!) 
  • Shop Missions – You msut find the original courier and deliver the goods to the shop-keep that sent you on the mission.

Now Then

When you complete some quests, someone should start jumping, then asking you if they could join your crew. The max ammount of members on a non-upgraded ship is 2. You then get the “Sparrow License” when you reutrn to your ship after recruiting two people. A quest from S.A.I.L. then appears, telling you to go to Peguin Pete’s Garage with two upgrade modules. When you get there, talk to him and hit accept. You should see a cutscene of peguins with a blow-torch and a ladder with text saying, “UPGRADING SHIP…”

This is unskippable. Then you can buy license from the “Totally Legal Goods” store, starting from 10000 all the way to 150000. Now you don’t have to unlock it anywhere else.

License List

Here are the license/prices.

  • Fake Sparrow License – 10,000 Pixels – 2 Upgrade Modules 
  • Fake Kestral License – 20,000 Pixels – 4 Upgrade Modules 
  • Fake Falcon License – 40,000 Pixels – 6 Upgrade Modules 
  • Fake Eagle License – 80,000 Pixels – 8 Upgrade Modules 
  • Fake Condor License – 150,000 Pixels – 10 Upgrade Modules 

Costing a total of 300,000 Pixels and 30 Upgrade Modules

Here’s the cheaper way, but it takes more time.

  • Sparrow License – 2 Crew Members – 2 Upgrade Modules 
  • Kestral License – 4 Crew Members – 4 Upgrade Modules 
  • Falcon License – 6 Crew Members – 6 Upgrade Modules 
  • Eagle License – 8 Crew Members – 8 Upgrade Modules 
  • Condor License – 10 Crew Members – 10 Upgrade Modules 

A total of 30 Upgrade Modules and the rest of your day.

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