Terraria – How to Kill the Destroyer (Boss Guide)

Terraria - How to Kill the Destroyer (Boss Guide)
Terraria - How to Kill the Destroyer (Boss Guide)

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The Destroyer

Hello, If you are reading this, you are most likely struggling on The Destroyer. If you would like to make the fight easier, please continue reading.

Step #1

An arena can be very important to decide the outcome of a fight. A good trick is to use platforms to make a straight line where you can shoot from below you. If you need more description use the image below as a referance.

Terraria - How to Kill the Destroyer (Boss Guide)

Step #2

Use accessories and gear the matches your main class. For example, don’t have mage accessories but ranger armor. You will end up weaker on both sides. Also make sure you have the maximum amount of hearts and life fruit if you are still struggling.

Dont do this:

Do this:

Step #3

The Strategy. With Destroyer, it is a worm like boss that is apart of the 3 mechanical bosses. It does not split apart like the Eater
Of Worlds boss. It is summoned at night and will disappear when daylight comes. It can also be summoned randomly on any night
after at least 1 Demon Alter/Crimson Alter has been smashed. There is also probes that summon from attacking the Destroyers
body, It shoots red lasers at you. The Destroyer has 80,000 HP in normal mode and 120,000 HP in expert, however; it will be buffed
depending on if you have other players in the world with you. The best strategy with this arena, is to fire piercing bullets at him and
dodge when he comes up through the platforms. A Starcannon or some types of arrows, aswell as a good sword can make this boss

Terraria - How to Kill the Destroyer (Boss Guide)

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