Ring of Elysium – Tips and Tricks

Ring of Elysium - Tips and Tricks
Ring of Elysium - Tips and Tricks

Welcome to my Ring of Elysium Guide!

Tips and Tricks

1. On the zipline you can switch your direction by pressing backwards (S) while riding.

2. You can jump off the zipline as soon as your character lifts their legs up useful, because if you don’t jump of you will have an animation and can’t use your Gun quick enough if there is an enemy.

3. If you swap a similar type weapon it will automatically attach the available attachments for that weapon to the new equipped weapon (LVOA-C for a M4A1).

4. With the Hangglider kit you have less weight as with a Snowboard (+50 lbs) or with a Zipline (+100lbs).

5. The Sniper M200 is using special Ammo which you can only find in loot drops with luck.

6. While healing you can move but you very slowly until the healing process is done.

7. In Squads/Duo you can use Q to mark a position for a short time usefull to mark players which are coming towards your team or to mark a position where you want to meet up.

8. Long range gunfights are a pain for beginners, don’t try to spray the enemy away. Search a place to cover and look where the enemy is use B to shoot single bullets, but be carefull because of the bullet drop.

9. Use Smokes to cover your footsteps in a close combat fight but be carefull because you can’t the enemy footsteps too.

10. Use CTRL 1-4 to switch seats in vehicles.

11. SMGs and Pistols are having way faster ADS good to peak around corners or to be a hard to hit target.

12. You can use SMGs and Pistols while Gliding or driving with the snowmobile.

13. If you jump of a moving Car you will get damage more speed=more damage.

14. You can drag Ammo and healing stuff with CTRL.

15. You can do stunts with the Snowboard with pressing space while you are faster than 35mph.

16. The Vector is a deadly CQC Weapon minimal recoil and a very high fire rate but you need an extended Clip because of the low ammo pool (without extended 13ammo in clip and with 25).

17. Best Weapons in Ring of Elysium:

  • Best Assault Rifle: M4A1 (The Aug is stronger but only in airdrops).
  • Best DMR: G28.
  • Best Sub Machine Gun: Vector.
  • Best Pistol: USP45. (Starter Weapon).
  • Best Sniper Rifle: VKS (Only in airdrops).
  • Best Shotgun: Citori.

18. The VKS is using the same ammo as the Deagle does .50 AE.

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