Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – Danger Zone Tips

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Danger Zone Tips
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive - Danger Zone Tips

This is just a little guide on tips and tricks that I have learned about in Danger Zone.

Tips and Tricks

  • For the most part you can’t destroy the red crates with your bear hands. However, you can break red crates that give pistols but not crates that give primaries. further more, you can break special crate packages that drop in the game with anything that you have on you. 
  • Speaking about special dropped crates, they will mainly drop m4’s (specifically the one that you have equiped) or on a rare chance can drop a AK-47 or maybe an AWP. 
  • You can jump into water without getting yourself hurt. of course maybe not centemeter water like the little dried up area in the center but you can jump into the water near the outside of the area without taking any damage. 
  • You can throw a secondary or a primary infront of a sentery to distract it from shooting you ( but i have not tried it with flashes or other tools like your knife or a hammer. 
  • When you blow up the special safes around the map they will drop from what I could tell about 500 dollars.
  • From what i could tell from playing so far, each game you play will have random items spawn so no matter where you go, as of what i can see; there are no good spots to drop at the moment. 
  • All weapon items in the buy shop are mostly randomized expect for the scout slot. 
  • If you pick up the same weapon that you are currently holding you can “strip” the magazine off of the weapon and put it in your current. 
  • Red cases can be broken with almost anything, from mollies to nades. but i don’t think flashs and “distract grenades” will break the crate.
  • Never use the bomb. if you have it, the only use i have found for it is for late game when you are last one in the circle.

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