This War of Mine – Beginner’s Guide

This War of Mine - Beginner's Guide
This War of Mine - Beginner's Guide

If you dont know how to play This War of Mine. Read this guide to help you.

Always loot your house first before doing anything else!

If your wondering why this is an important step. Its because you get free loot for doing nothing. You can find materials, meds/bandages, and even food. The cool part about this game is that the developers give you free stuff to start off with. Take all the time you need to loot your whole house before you do anything else!

Always make sure there are alerts of danger when you go to scavenge somewhere!

So you might be confused by this part. When i say make sure there are no alerts of danger. I mean when you click on where you want to scavenge. It will show to your right how much supplies there are at the specific location you choose. At the bottom of all of that, it will tell you if its a dangerous place to go to or not. Sometimes, you gotta be careful what places you choose to. Because sometimes they dont even tell you if its dangerous or not. So watch out for that! you mostly wanna start off looting places that are quiet and that you know there is no bandits or other survivors there. Because if they find you. You are most likely screwed! also, sometimes in the title of the location, it will give it away that its safe. For example. Ghost House. Thats one that already tells you that your clear to loot there. So just always make sure that where ever you are looting. It is 100% safe! and maybe if you get guns or get alot better weapons, you could try to loot more dangerous places!

Always wait until your survivors are very hungry!

This is definitley the most easiest step in this whole guide. So save your food and dont wast it all. Always just wait until your survivors are very hungry. Trust me. Its saves you time to get more food and it also saves you food!

You need to make beds for all of your survivors!

It is very important that your survivors get a good night sleep in a bed! also, its even better to make beds for all survivors because if they are sick or wounded. They need to recover by sleeping in a bed. You dont have to rush with this step, but just make sure you are able to do this step as soon as possible!

Be sure to have at least metal, meds, and food Workshops!

Having these workshops are very important for your chance of survival. I will explain to you what they are and what they do just so you know what your doing. First, food workshop. All that workshop does is provide your survivors with stew. There are alot of different ways to make stew. I dont remember the exact things you need, but your smart enough to look in the food workshop and see what things you need to make stew. Stew is also one of the best foods to make in the game. It helps alot with hunger! second, meds workshop. Its called like the herbal workshop or something like that, but i prefer calling it the meds workshop. All it does is give you the ability to make bandages and meds. Also, you can make tobbaco too, but only use that for money cause tobbaco is money in this game. And one last thing. Always use your meds when seriously needed!!! ive had friends where they use there meds when they are slightly sick. And then they wast those meds on something stupid like that and then they just lost meds that could have been useful for other survivors in need of help! lastly, medal workshop. Personally, this is my favorite workshop! it gives you the ability to make guns, ammo, and very powerful weapons. It also lets you craft lockpicks, blades, and shovels! just always remember to use your meterials wisely and dont just use them cause you can make a gun. Wait until you have the right amount so you know you have enough supplies to make guns and other things!

Always make a radio!

Radios are very important in this game. They tell you if alot of bandits are out on the streets. They even tell you if some supplies are running low in the whole city. Always make sure to check the radio everyday just so you knows what going on in the city!

Try your best to help people who need your help to survive!

Sometimes, you might get a knock on your door for help from nabors. They dont hurt you (at least from my experence). Try to be nice and help them. Your survivors can get sad or depressed. They can even get broken! broken is where you cant even control the survivor. They just sit there and starve to death. So always make sure to be nice and helpful so you dont have to worry about being sad!

If Bruno is a survivor you start off with… Kill him!

Bruno is the worst survivor in the whole game! he doesnt ever help. He is extremely selfish. And his ability is that he is a good cook. EVERY OTHER SURVIVOR CAN COOK TOO!!! So dont be worried about your survivors being sad about Brunos death. They get over it in a few days and they move on. F**K YOU BRUNO!!! Also, at somepoint you will run into another survivor that want to live with you. Always accept that offer!

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    • Same thoughts from me and I only have an hour into the game lol
      Bruno’s great since he makes food with less materials, for one.
      Also if your survivors are hungry they are slower overall ?

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