MapleStory 2 – Beginner’s Guide (Mining, Farming, Fishing, Alchemy, Cooking and More)

MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Guide (Mining
MapleStory 2 - Beginner's Guide (Mining

Youre new to Maplestorys 2, might never played Maplestory 1 and just want to know how stuff works or what you actually can do? Or youre already Level 50+ and you used your Dungeon cap (which the devs know and work on) and duno what you can do? Well then, welcome to my guide.

Mining & Foraging / Collecting Herbs

One thing you can do from pretty much early on which can be useful later is beginning to mine for orbs and foraging/collecting herbs.

Its easy to do and the more you do, the easier you get EXP and crafting materials. Do you need anything special to start? No! 😀 You can begin from the very first moment you see you can collect said stuff which makes it a very easy way to get some EXPs early on and later for the prestige levels.

Of course, you have to do it more frequency to collect better herbs and orbs but again, you can start and you dont need any tool or like, which makes it very easy from the first place to begin :3

How and where do you start?

(What – What You Get – Where – When)


  • Copper Vein – Copper Ore – Evansville – Available at Rank 1 
  • Tin Vein – Tin Ore Mined/Mined Opal – Queenstown – Available at Rank 2 
  • Zinc Vein – Zinc Ore – Middleton – Available at Rank 3 
  • Silver Vein – Silver Ore/Mined Sapphire – Silverstone Bridge- Available at Rank 4 
  • Iron Vein – Iron Ore – Resortville – Available at Rank 5 
  • Lead Vein – Lead Ore/Mined Diamond – New Goldus – Available at Rank 6 
  • Nickel Vein – Nickel Ore – Oasis Town – Available at Rank 7 
  • Ravensteel Vein – Ravensteel Ore/Mined Amethyst – Crystal Vale – Available at Rank 8 
  • Tungsten Vein – Tungsten Ore – Aner Park – Available at Rank 9 
  • Gold Vein – Gold Ore/Mined Amber – Blooming Farm – Available at Rank 10 
  • Platinum Vein – Platinum Ore – Ellin Town – Available at Rank 11 
  • Cobalt Vein – Cobalt Ore/Mined Pearl – Orne Town – Available at Rank 12 
  • Palladium Vein – Palladium Ore – Eileen Town – Available at Rank 13 

Foraging / Herbs:

  • Marjoram Herb – Marjoram – Evansville – Available at Rank 1 
  • Lavender Herb – Lavender/Purple Bloom Dust – Queenstown – Available at Rank 2 
  • Rosemary Herb – Rosemary – Middleton – Available at Rank 3 
  • Lemon Balm Herb – Lemon Balm/White Bloom Dust – Silverstone Bridge – Available at Rank 4 
  • Mandarin Herb – Mandarin – Resortville – Available at Rank 5 
  • Jasmine Herb – Jasmine/Plum Bloom Dust – New Goldus – Available at Rank 6 
  • Tea Tree Herb – Tea Tree – Oasis Town – Available at Rank 7 
  • Cherry Sage Herb – Cherry Sage/ Red Bloom Dust – Crystal Vale – Available at Rank 8 
  • Patchouli Herb – Patchouli – Aner Park – Available at Rank 9 
  • Oregano Herb – Oregano/Blue Bloom Dust – Blooming Farm – Available at Rank 10 
  • Yarrow Herb – Yarrow – Ellin Town – Available at Rank 11 
  • Basil Herb – Basil/Green Bloom Dust – Orne Town – Available at Rank 12 
  • Bergamot Herb – Bergamot – Eileen Town – Available at Rank 13 

Also important: As soon as you reach some skill levels into those skills, you “unlock” 2 areas for it where you can easy farm said herbs/obs so the “roaming” around part pretty much falls back to zero!

For what is it/(both) good?

  • Getting some EXPs easy, early (and later) on. 
  • Collecting crafting materials for Smithing & Alchemy skills.
  • Life Skill trophies.

Difficulty: Easy to do.
Time: At the beginning, its quickly done, later if you really farm all, it can take a wile.
Costs: Nothing! Just the time of course doing it.

Ranching & Farming

Unlike Mining & Foraging/collecting Herbs, Ranching & Farming is, from the kind, basictly the same but needs you to build the stuff you need for in your own house. So unlike Mining & Foraging/collecting Herbs you have to build it first in your house and create something like a “own farm place”.

This “can” be easy done and it actually doesnt need a lot time ones you really did it, all you have to do is set up your building ground on the biggest settings best (also its free anyways to do so) and begin with a field-like area for both of said stuff (look the screenshots as sample how i did it). :3

Also, since you dont need to roam around the world, i dont think i need to add here a list when and how you can farm those stuff for coz you can place them all at your home and dont find those stuff somewhere else in the mapleworld (next to other players buldings of course, duh).

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting some EXPs early (and later) on.
  • Collecting crafting materials for Handcraft & Cooking skills
  • Life Skill trophies

Difficulty: Kinda Easy, ones you began to build your farm on your building ground.
Time: At the beginning, its quickly done, later if you really farm all, it can take a wile.
Costs: You have to build it on your own building ground before you can start with it.


Fishing is somewhat more relaxing and mostly used as “afk”-activity. Its not really used to “farm” stuff but more for trophies and explorer stars (at least SO far). Sure you get some good EXPs of it and if you use the right lures/baits you can also get some Money out of it.

Still, its right now “nearly” to useless but a thing you can do if you have either nothing better to do, just wanna chill from the game (which really sometimes help) or let your character just do it in “afk mode” (aka using a automatic casting tool for it).

To “fish right”, you always should fish in the same region as your fishing skill. If youre, as sample, “newbee II” you should look for a area which is your rang so you get better, cast for new fishes and level up your rang. You can check your actual rang if you click on the fish-sign in the left-upper corner of the screen. 😀

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting some EXPs.
  • Can be used for “AFK” moments.
  • You can get random rewards out of it, like some money or items.
  • Life Skill trophies.

Difficulty: Easy to do, just find a fishing spot and done 😀
Time: A lot. really. this can take a wile.
Costs: The first fishing pole will you get for FREE if you reach ~level 13. Others do you have to buy, same with lures/baits too if you wanna collect/cast for the right fishes.

Creating Music

Yes, Music is really a thing in Maplestory 2 since you can create your own. Sadly, right now its, next to fishing, not really a big thing to do next to getting EXPs out of it and some explorer stars.

Music is also used by a lot people just for being AFK but creating music can also be really funny if you know how.

Again, unlike fishing, creating music acutally can cost a lot at the beginning and you also need to create your own music or buy some ingame-music samples. You also need to skill it up for better rewards which are in this case (unlike fishing again) ONLY EXPs and trophies and no money. So for leveling up at the beginning or the more middle-like levels (20~45), creating music can help with it best.

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting some good EXPs out of it.
  • Can be used for “AFK” moments.
  • Life Skill trophies.

Difficulty: using simple music is easy, creating GOOD music can be difficult – depending how much you enjoy such stuff.
Time: depending how long you create your music can this take really a wile.
Costs: Costs pretty much “good something” at the beginning (and later on) and you dont get any money back, just EXPs so becareful.

Minigames & Kays Games

Minigames & Kays Games are kinda a fun way to enjoy your freetime in Maplestory 2. Both actually are rewarding (somewhat) and dont take to much time.

Wile Minigames can be just done by clicking in the menu and searching for them, Kays Games can be only played if they pop up on the right side of your screen or you buy a portal to it ingame.

Again, the rewards are sure depending if youre good at them, finish them, “enjoy” them and sure which of it youre playing.

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting some EXPs out of it.
  • Kays games (if youre the winner) rewards you with the kay coin for special rewards.
  • Getting some money out of it.
  • Freetime activitys which are actually pretty fun!
  • Life Skill trophies.

Difficulty: Depending which kind of game.
Time: Mostly pretty short but fun!
Costs: If you dont “pay” such portals, there is NO costs at all (next to the time of course).

Map Exploring

Maplestorys 2 World map is huge and a good thing to explore for a lot good stuff. First it rewards you with APs which are very usefull later on for your character and it also gives you a clue where you can find other things (like ores and herbs as one sample~).

Exploring the map and doing the missions for can take a lot time and since the world is really huge, it sure depends where you begin and how you do it or create a own system for it. Its still a fun thing to do if you enjoy to roam around and looking for all corners of the mapleworld, alone the APs you get its worth a thing to do, really. It gives you also a good boost of EXPs and sure some good money, again, depending where you do it.

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting a lot EXPs out of it!
  • They give you some very good rewards, like a full explorer outfit and APs.
  • Getting some good money out of it.
  • Can be done as side activity.
  • Life Skill trophies.

Difficulty: Depending which area and what are said missions, you might sure need to be already some level ups before actually doing it as “activity”.
Time: Depending which region but over all sure a lot.
Costs: Costs you nothing for the most of the part but sure time.

Worldbosses & Elitemonsters

Sure slaying bigger enemys like Worldbosses and Elitemonsters are worth doing. They give some good EXPs, Money and sure some good rewards – of course depending WHICH monsters you slay.

Still, this should not be a thing you actually begin to do if youre new to this game. Mostly Worldbosses need more than 1 player to be killed for sure but they are worth doing just for the money you get. Elitemonsters are sure not worth as much as Bossmonsters but for the most of them, they can be done solo and are also worth at least something.

After all, you really should be already leveld somewhat and be experienced with the game a bit before you run brainless into them. ^^

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting a lot EXPs out of it.
  • Pretty good rewards, depending of course “which” monster you slay.
  • Getting some money out of it.
  • Worldboss/Elitemonster trophies.

Difficulty: “Difficult”, depends which monster – also not “perfect” for beginners…
Time: Depending which level and which monster but mostly around 5-15+ minutes.
Costs: Lets say you need already some “good” gear for it and sure some good levels…for the most of them you also should have some people (which means more then 4…) with you since worldboss monsters are sure not done singlehanded…

Smithing, Handicrafts, Alchemy & Cooking

I put this 4 together as one since they are pretty much all the same since before you are even able to “begin” with one of those you have to do one of the other 4 things before which is Mining, Ranching, Foraging/collecing Herbs and/or Farming.

Those are still some very helpful stuff to do since you can create some helpful things with it for your adventures or making some things even easier.

Sadly, it sure will costs you the materials for it and sure a bit of money but you grain some good EXPs for doing it – specialy its easy to get EXPs for the later prestige levels.

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting good EXPs out of it (even later for prestige Levels).
  • Able to craft many usuable things like gear, drinks and supporter items.
  • Life skill trophies.

Difficulty: Easy to do if you do also the other said stuff (Mining, Ranching, Foraging/collecing Herbs & Farming).
Time: At the beginning again, fast & easy to do but later…Uff…this can really take a wile…and if you add the time you already did the other stuff for it….yea…it really can take “Long”…
Costs: You need to skill Mining, Ranching, Foraging/collecing Herbs & Farming for really doing those, also costs you some money to craft items and sure the materials for it.


Dailys are something special and you really should do them if you have the opinion to and youre able to. Sadly, you can do such dailys only if youre already level 50+ which sure means this is more “endgame” and not for the “beginners”.

Still, a lot people forget (really i met a lot who did…) those are a thing. They are sure worth doing since those are mostly small side-quests you do “on the way” anyways. Also reward-wise, they are sure worth it!

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting really very good rewards out of it like money, EXPs and items.
  • Kinda easy sidequests which you can do “on the way”.

Difficulty: Most of them are pretty easy but again, depends which you do.
Time: Again, depends which you do.
Costs: Mostly nothing, just time of course Oh and of course, only able to do them IF youre Level 50+ ;P – also if you explored the map that sure would help you a lot too…and good gear but at this point im sure you have some.

Hunting the Hat of Misdirection

This is more suppost to be something which “happens” then by actually “doing it”. In Maplestory 2, it can be happen that a (i duno the english name sorry) magic hat appiers on the map (look the pictures). If you see one, those have also a small “light blueish” timer under them and you normaly cant miss them since the light blue text alone makes them pretty “visible” even from afar.

Also again if you see one, grap them, QUICKLY. They dont have a long timer (around 25 seconds?) and they are like some bonus areas, just for you if you get the hat in time.

The problem about this, again, they spawn very rare for the most of the time and it can be nearly everywhere on the whole region youre on right now BUT since i did it a bit longer (mostly coz i had nothing better to do lols) i found actually a pretty small area where you can “farm” (carefully said…) them best. Since i play the game in german, maybe the map helps you for the better:

The area is pretty small and you can easily fly over the area with the festive balloons. Also said here, i wouldnt call it a activity but if you want to enjoy such hat-bonus game you might should look around this place best. For the spawn time, i actually “cant” tell how long a hat “can” take to spawn but in my hunting time i did it, mostly around every 8-15 minutes (-/+) if it wasnt a special day (like on the pictures, then its mostly around 4-10 minutes).

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Depending which bonus game you will play in the hat, it can give you some really good money, EXP or even items
  • Its luck based and more a challange if you really wanna do this
  • Trophies…?

Difficulty: The bonuses are easy if you know how they “play” but getting such hat can be hard coz of the short timer…
Time: The bonus games are short, mostly around 1 minute but again, a hat spawn time takes long and getting one is also another thread…
Costs: Nothing, next to the time of course.

Building Your House

This is more a thing you might should do next to building your farm on it.

Building your house can give you some great advantages, like building a farm or getting trophies and even getting buffs. Wile you play the main game (smashing monsters, doing dungeons, etc), you might unlock souvenir which you can place at your home. touching those can give you some good passive buffs which actually help you in fights against monsters and like.

Next to this, building your house can also be used to create something like a portal room where you can place portals in your house which teleport you in different regions of the mapleworld.

So from time to time, you might should give it a try and invest some time to build something on “your place”. Really, it can only help you later.

For what is it(/both) good?

  • Getting some EXPs out of it.
  • Place portals to create a teleport room, using it to go around the world for (nearly) free.
  • Place souvenir, get great passive buffs.
  • Daily rewards.
  • Trophies…?

Difficulty: Hey its your home. I dont tell how you build it.
Time: Depending how much you wanna build and what you build but it sure needs some time.
Costs: Normaly nothing (depending WHAT you build) but sure a lot time.

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