BloodyMary – Gameplay Basics

BloodyMary - Gameplay Basics
BloodyMary - Gameplay Basics

Gameplay Basics: About Combo & Fight

Game Overview

The story took place from a small town. Most of the world’s human beings were lost to infection overnight. At this time, a big demon took his little soldier to control the government. Only a girl was not completely infected. Will guide other uninfected humans to a path to save all mankind. In-game players need to play an ordinary role, over the mountains, destroy the enemies encountered, and achieve the ultimate victory.

Game Operation


  • Arrow key 


  • Punch:Z 
  • Kick:X 
  • Jump Attack:Space+Z/X 


  • Skill1:A 
  • Skill2:S 
  • Skill3:D 
  • Skill4:W 

Special Operation

  • Defend:C 
  • Pause game:Tab 
  • Roll:Ctrl + Move 
  • Jump:Space(Can double jump) 
  • Discard/Pick Up:F 
  • Finish talk:Enter 
  • Battle menu:Esc 
  • Bug/Feedback:F11 

Gaming Strategy

  • In the game, you have to roll, jump, run.
  • Rolling, GroundAttack, jumping, releasing skills can avoid enemy attacks.
  • The character can jump 2 times and can climb high obstacles. 
  • The poison gas in the game cannot pass directly through the past, so be sure to avoid or circumvent it in time. 

Game Concept


There are many different styles of weapons in the game. There are pistols, rifles, bombs, machete, axe, giant axe, which will have different functions and lethality. Each weapon will have a certain durability. If it is used more times, it Will be scrapped. Can also be discarded.

Pick up/Discard

By using the F button, you can pick up the weapon in the game scene, or discard it.


There are many props in the game, there is blood, add anger, increase attack power, increase the experience value, or can provide you with weapons, but also have more dangerous props, once touched will explode, causing damage.


Each character will have 4 skills, each with its own characteristics. To release the skill, you need to anger the strength. The player can gain anger by attacking the enemy.


Every once in a while, the character will reply a little bit of blood, or you can go back and forth with blood by eating props. When the health value is 0, the character dies.


Once the player is in defense, the enemy in front of the player can not cause damage to the player, but can still be attacked from behind.


Players can’t be attacked by any unit while they are rolling, but players can’t attack others. This is a good way to avoid remote units.

Game Flow Demonstration

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