Plant This – Starter Guide for Beginners

Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners
Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners

A simple and quick guide to beginners on Plant This.

Basic Mechanics

Plant This is very simple and intuitive. But to make it easier for you, here’s a basic guide made with love for beginners =D.

You must fulfill contracts for the bearded face [1] , which increases your level [2] and gold coins [3].

Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners

To plant a tree, you must buy a seed with the bearded face [1], which uses your water level [4]. You should water it using the can [6].

In short, you should water the plant until fruits appear, which takes time in the beginning. You can visualize its fruits in your inventory [5].

It is also possible to destroy plants and constructions using the shovel [7].

Contracts System

Below, you can visualize which quest / contract you should aim for [1] and what you actually have [2]. After reaching the desired level, press on accept [3].

Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners

Basic Improvements

The list bellow contains a basic explanation of buildings, wild animals and improvements, which you unlock with higher levels.

Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners

  • 1. Well = increases the water restoration you have. More than one well can be used simultaneously to speed up the process. 
  • 2. Cow = animal that gives you milk. 
  • 3. Chicken = animal that gives eggs. 
  • 4. Scarecrow = the scarecrow scares the aliens, who steal your animals. 
  • 5. Sheep = animal that gives you wool. 
  • 6. Pig = animal that gives bacon. 
  • 7. Am Nom = Happy and lively bag that collects fruits and food for you. More than one Am Nom can be materialized to speed up the collection process. He needs the Woodcutter or you to throw the fruit on the ground. 
  • 8. 50 feed unitis = replenish your forage stock. You can throw this on the ground to lure your animals to a specific location in order to avoid abductions by aliens. 
  • 9. Gold can = accelerate the watering process. It can only be bought once. 
  • 10. Woodcutter = throws the fruits on the ground, allowing them to be collected manually or by the Am Nom. More than one can be used to speed up this process. 

Alien Invasion System

When an alien invades, a icon [1] will appear to locate it [2]. Just click on it to push it away. A scarecrow can solve this but only in its area of incidence.

Plant This - Starter Guide for Beginners

Note where the forage system is located [3]. In addition, in point [4] you can expand your farm, remembering that the [A] and [D] keys are used to expand your view of the farm.

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