Merchant – Rarities, Rare Monsters: Reason to Skim Scummy Ponds

Merchant - Rarities
Merchant - Rarities

Did you know that there were different item rarities? What benefits do killing rare monsters give me? All this and more explained in this guide!

Material Rarities and You

You may not know this, but there are actually different material rarities– really! When you beat a quest with a better rating, you get the same drops as normal… but of a much higher quality! Barely beating an area or beating it with a terrible score will give you low quality trash that can only make garbage, common equipment. Beating an area comfortably will net you high quality treasure that can be used to make amazing enchanted equipment nearly every time! That’s the long and short of this guide, but the rest of the guide goes more into detail about the actual mechanics of crafting and looting with the best efficiency possible. A clever merchant is a powerful merchant!

Eek! A Rare Monster!

Ocassionally, you’ll get an opportunity to slay a rare monster! Whether it’s Venom the Snake or Hoggart the Boar, you’ll get fantastic S-rank drops whenever you beat one of these creatures. They’re tougher than their typical variants, so make sure you keep your heroes at half-health or higher to beat these baddies.

Inspecting Your Merchandise

To tell what kind of equipment rarity you have (and what the quality of your materials are), you need to look at the borders and the ranking. The ranking ranges from D to S and can be found in your Stock page if you hold down left click on an inventory object. If you have multiple rarities of potion or ingredient, you’ll get to see how many you have of each– the game uses the highest rarity drops first, so make sure that you craft the best equipment you can with those S-rank drops!

Next, your borders will tell you the rarity of your equipment. Any equipment can become a higher rarity– I have a blue rarity Ashe Wand, for example. Higher rarity equipment won’t just have new enchantments– it also has higher base stats! A +1 wand is as strong as a wand 4 levels above it, so you should really be trying to get those +1s whenever possible!

Inspecting merchandise from other merchants, unfortunately, is impossible. You should not trust other merchants! If you’re planning to craft high quality gear or equip your heroes with their gear, get the ingredients yourself! Don’t rely on the shoddy work of others to keep your heroes from dying.

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