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Phoning Home - Mountaineer / Rocket Man Achievement Tips

Game:   Phoning Home  |  Oct 10, 2018   
Phoning Home - Mountaineer / Rocket Man Achievement Tips

Tips for arguably the most frustrating achievements in Phoning Home.


Rocket Man is likely the last achievement most people will get in Phoning Home due to misinformation and technical issues. Here are a few simple tips to make the process less painful:

  • Thruster uses are per playthrough (a lot of people report their number never increasing, this is often why).
  • Thruster uses only count if held down for a length of time. I aimed for each burst to roughly use half a gauge of fuel.
  • A large number of thruster uses will not register regardless of the duration (I estimate close to 50%). It's less frustrating when this fact is accepted.
  • There are often large delays in the updating of the achievement progress. The number will suddenly jump up in chunks.
  • A lot of Fuel will be required (I used approximately 40-50). While thrusting around for this achievement make sure you collect resources to craft more Fuel.

It will take some patience but the achievements are very much achievable. Good luck!
Written by jcfarsight

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