LET IT DIE – General Tips & Tricks

LET IT DIE - General Tips & Tricks
LET IT DIE - General Tips & Tricks

Some beginner tips and tricks for Let It Die! I made this in hopes newer players will have a better understanding of what to do when starting out. This covers Death Metal usage, Mid-Bosses and Don Bosses in the first 20 floors, and many more topics.

Part I – What Should I Spend Death Metals on?

Death Metals are the premium currency in Let It Die. Each one is 50 Cents USD and can be used in a number of ways.

Death Metals can be used to revive dead characters on the spot, to rush Research and Development (R&D) progress, and even to buy cosmetic skins for the Waiting Room. You might be tempted to use these when you die on a good run or at a boss, but this would be a mistake.

Death Metals are best used to upgrade your storage!

You start with 30 slots, and can spend 2 Death Metals to upgrade the storage by 10. Luckily, with the updated new player login rewards, you can use the Death Metals given to you to vastly increase your stash size. The login bonuses will amount to 24 Death Metals, which is 120 storage slots! This will make storing important crafting ingredients you’ll need for later much easier.

Part II – Haters and You

Now that you’ve got your storage settled, let us talk about the dead person in the room. It is you. In Let It Die, you’ll die A LOT.

Haters and You

When you die in this game, your character becomes what is called a Hater. A Hater is an enemy that represents other player characters. They appear in every room of the game, and high-level Haters can spawn in low-level areas. Be aware of this when leveling a new Fighter, as even the low-level floors are not safe.

When one of your Fighters dies and becomes a Hater, you have a few options:

  • Spend Kill Coins (which are discussed in Part III) to revive the character with their equipment and inventory.
  • Use one of your other Fighters to return to the room you died on and kill your old character. Doing so will strip them of all gear and decals, but will return them to your Freezer. 
  • Let them die. When your character becomes a Hater, they will roam into other players’ games and potentially kill them, which will net you in resources. 

Typically, I find spending Kill Coins to be the best and most time-efficient option. Kill Coins are easy to obtain from raiding and simply by playing the game. However, the prices for returning a Fighter vary on the tier of Fighter.

Part III – Farming

In Let It Die, farming is a part of life, as it is in any F2P game. You’ll need to farm two types of currencies in the game: SPLithium, and Kill Coins.


SPLithium is a blue fire currency that can be acquired from killing Haters or Hunters, raidng in the Tokyo Death Metro, or from login rewards. You use this to upgrade your Waiting Room’s facilities. There are four things you can upgrade in the Waiting Room: your Fighter Freezer, your Kill Coin Bank, your SPLithium Tank, and your Prison.

Upgrading each of these will increase the max capacity of resources they can hold. Upgrading also increases their overall health, making them harder to destroy when raided.

SPLithium is used in crafting item upgrades. The higher the Tier of item, the more Lithium you’ll need.

Kill Coins

Kill Coins are the main currency of the game. You’ll use them to recover lost Fighters, buy expensive equipment, decals, and more. Always keep an eye on how many Kill Coins you have before you leave for a new, dangerous area. Personally, I feel it best to have enough to immediately buy back my current Fighter, should they die.

But how do you farm for Kill Coins? Two decent and consistent ways are listed below.

The Tokyo Death Metro

The Tokyo Death Metro or TDM is the asymmetrical PVP side of the game. How it works is every player can be raided when not in their Waiting Room. The Raider can come into your Waiting Room, destroy your SPLithium Tank and Kill Coin Bank, and leave with some of your cash. You can stop invaders by setting some of your unused Fighters to defend the base. You can also equip your Defenders with an alarm, that will spawn different types of enemies to kill the invader. The TDM is a good way to make cash fast. Raids are limited to 3 minutes and usually other players’ defenses are lackluster, so you should be fine. Be sure to bring your best equipment and Fighter to this; if they should die, they’ll only be returned back to the TDM Monitor.

Each player you can invade will have a rank. The general rule of thumb is the lower the rank, the lower their defense will be. If you’re still using a Tier 2 Fighter, I would stick to raiding Rank 20 and below people.

You can easily make tons of money doing this, but beware, anyone you raid will have the opportunity to raid you back. They’ll usually be able to raid you for about 5000 Kill Coins, so it won’t be the end of the world.

The Normal Way

The other route of farming in Let It Die is to just climb through the Tower. You can easily net about 16,000 Kill Coins in a 20-minute run-through of floor 1-10, and even more if you run 11-20. I will admit this is slower than the TDM route, but will result in less people trying to raid you. Be sure to level your LUCK stat when going for this, as LUCK increases the amount of Kill Coins you receive.

Hunting for the Rare Crafting Supplies

In the game, you’ll need two types of crafting supplies: metals and normal resources. Metals are typically the rarest type of crafting ingredient, and I highly suggest storing any of these you find as soon as possible. There are various types of metals, along with different colours. Usually, bosses are farmed for uncommon drops of metals. Bosses are covered in the next section.

The rest are resources you will find laying around in each floor. This will range from cloth, steel, clumps of copper, wood, and a various others. Each tier of armor and weapons is meant to be used for each of the ten floors. Tier 1 for the first 10 floors (1-10), Tier 2 for 11-20, and so on. Typically, you’ll find upgrade materials for each tier on their respective floor. Just keep your eyes out!

Part IV – The Bosses

The Mid-Bosses

There are enemies in the game called Mid-Bosses, who appear on different floors and are necessary to defeat at least once to progress further in the Tower. In this section, I’ll be covering all the bosses you’ll encounter in the first 20 floors of the game.


You’ll encounter your first Mid-Boss on 3F Tamata.

This Boss is COEN, a hulking monster that has poor eyesight but excellent hearing. You can crouch to momentarily make him lose you, if you need to heal. This fight is very easy, and you can very quickly power through it, as long as you have fully leveled your starting Tier 1 Fighter.

The Next is JIN-DIE on 6F Moka-Magome.

JIN-DIE is easily the weakest of the four Mid-Bosses in the game. Her weakness is slashing damage. She is a teleporting sniper, who will pelt you with projectiles and beams of gore. Like the COEN fight, as long as you’ve leveled your fighter as high as possible, you’ll be fine. The most dangerous move she has is a gore beam, which is poorly telegraphed and does high damage. However, she rarely uses this attack on this floor, so you shouldn’t need to worry about it.

On 10F Shimo-Omeno you’ll face your first real boss, Max Sharp.

Max is one of the Four Dons, the four main bosses of the Tower. Defeating each of them will earn you a stamp and access to the next ten floors. Defeating Max will unlock you Tier 2 Fighters, who can reach level 50.

When you begin the fight, you will have to run a gauntlet through two moving trains, racing towards the front to face Max. The train is constantly moving, but if you fall off you’ll only be placed back at the beginning of it. There are various traps and enemies throughout it. Most notably are spinning saw blades that move in a pattern, and a couple of Bone Tubers who can be very lethal.

Once at the front of the train, you’ll be placed into a small arena with Max. The edges of the Arena are comprised of an electrified wall that will stun the player if they hit it.

Max will do a stomp attack. Once he does this, you can string together a 3-hit combo. Continue to do this until the fight is over. 


11F Maka-Tsutsumi is your first encounter with GOTO 9.

GOTO 9 is an agile four-legged boss who will spray areas with vomit, making you trip, and jump into the air and smashing into you, dealing massive damage. GOTO 9 can be distracted by throwing Mushrooms in the arena with him, allowing you to get some hits in. This fight should be manageable, if you have a fully-leveled Tier 2 Fighter.

16F Kaga has another JIN-DIE.

This fight is one of the first major hurdles for the player. She has a high health bar and does high damage to a Tier 2 Fighter. If you find yourself having a tough time with this fight, go back to farming the first 10 floors along with the floors leading up to 16 for crafting items. Being decked out in decently upgraded Tier 2 armor and weapons should push you through the fight.

From floor 11+, you can find Transparungus Mushrooms, which will turn you invisible for 15 seconds, or thirty seconds if you grill it right in a fire. When cloaked, she won’t shoot you or teleport, allowing you to deal large amounts of damage without worry. Be sure to cloak before you enter the arena.
Once she is defeated, you will have access to Tier 3 Fighters.

20F Hachiyanma is where you will fight Colonel Jackson.

Jackson is the second of the Four Dons, and like JIN-DIE, will pepper you in projectiles. This time, those projectiles are explosives that deal high damage.

The Encounter begins with disarming three bombs located within the arena, each in a corner of the map guarded by Screamers.

Once you have disarmed the bombs, the real fight begins. Jackson will be placed into a body similiar to JIN-DIE, and teleport just like her. Once again, Transparungus Mushrooms can let you hit him without worry. This fight is honestly pretty easy, just annoying. Be sure to stock up on plenty of healing items and you’ll be fine, as there is so much cover within the arena you have a good amount of breathing room. Once the fight is complete, you will have collected your second large stamp, along with access to the next 10 floors. Here is a video of the fight.

Congratulations! You’re halfway to the top! It only gets harder from here.

Part V – General Tips

The Jackals

The Jackals are body collectors for the Four Dons, and best to be avoided at all costs. They are level 200 and will one-shot most players. They spawn into a floor once you have killed everything and stuck around too long, or if you’ve stuck around too long in general. When one spawns, a siren will sound in the level, so you better get running! Be sure to not tap the exit button while running though, as it will cause you to do a dive kick, letting a Jackal teleport behind you to finish you off.

The Mushroom Magistrate

The Mushroom Magistrate is a crazed Mushroom collector in the Tower, and sells you decals. Decals are used to upgrade your character, and you can put one extra decal on for each tier you have. A Tier 1 fighter can only put one decal on, but a Tier 3 can use three. Be sure to check in regulary on what she is selling, as you’ll unlock more powerful decals as you progress.

Haters will fight normal enemies!

Encounter a Hater and don’t want to fight them? Herd them towards a group of enemies. If you can lose them all, they’ll start fighting each other! In fact, you will often stumble across a Hater fighting normal enemies, which makes your life easier.

Golden Beasts can be used for XP

I know it might be tempting to sell a Golden Beast you get for Kill Coins, but if you have a new Tier Fighter, you can easily get them to a high level instantly by killing Golden Beasts! This can save hours of leveling and get you back into the action. After all, those Kill Coins can easily be regained from raiding.

Don’t be afraid to Let It Die

The Game, I mean, not your character. Let It Die is hard. It is unforgiving. It will test your patience and time, and if that isn’t for you, that’s okay! The first ten hours are incredibly easy and good fun, but after that, the game becomes a grind. I really enjoy this game, but it won’t be for everyone. Give it a shot, do your best, and when you feel like the game is becoming too difficult, you can safely just let it die.

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