Monster Hunter: World – Beginner’s Quick Guide

Monster Hunter: World - Beginner's Quick Guide
Monster Hunter: World - Beginner's Quick Guide

Quick tips on beginner, written by beginner. You can add useful tips along the way and we’ll make a list of tips for beginner!

Quick Tips

These tips I have learned from advanced experienced players.

  • Low Rank weapons and armors, and missions won’t matter when you advanced much later in game Main Story. Don’t spent too much resources, money and upgrades on them. Once you progress much in main story, you’ll end up in High Rank “mode”, that grants you High Rank missions, weapons and armors and these definitely worth your time. This leads to tips number two: 
  • Focus on the main mission all the way, beat it if you can. Second priority is to focus on your main weapon (but don’t spend/focus too much on making the best one, or upgrading them. Getting a decent/better one is okay, but worth to remember those Low Rank Weapons mean nothing compared to High Rank weapons. 
  • Learn the pattern/movesets of the enemy you’re facing. It will be useful to attack the enemy at the right time. 
  • To test weapon, go to Housekeeper at your Room (you can go to Gathering Hub, 4th Floor for easier access and find the door on the ship) then you can train yourself and find the best suited weapons for you, and test it out on the field against boss. 
  • For me, I use Melee weapons when the mission is easy/already done beforehand/enemy movesets are familiar so I can improve my battle skill. For new mission/harder boss/harder missions where I die often, I use ranged weapons and let my friends take the enemies down. In that way, you can learn the enemy’s behavior, movesets and attacks from safe distance. 
  • Remember that in certain missions you can only fainted/die a few times, and my recommended course of action is to fire SOS flare so Players can come in, help you and you dont have to repeat mission more. Find a weapon that offers safe distance attack and learn the pattern of the enemy. 
  • Find friends or other players, it will help a lot during missions, especially if you’re beginner in Monster Hunter. Finding a mentor is always recommended. They will know what to do, what to buy, etc. 
  • Always EAT at canteen before mission or at the camp on the mission/map. They help boost status. Pay them with money, not points. 
  • Try to use at least spend 1 voucher per day (you will be given these vouchers and have option to use it before starting mission). They boosts your money. 
  • Try to gather all resources+clues you find along the way, and craft them into useful resources (Herbs into potions, etc) 
  • No need to buy / sell too much items if you don’t really need them. 
  • If your pouch is full, find your inventory box and put them there. You can only carry limited amount of items into your pouch, so be sure to store it into box often. 
  • If you take missions besides “expedition” mode, you’ll be always given free items at the box at your camp in the map. This items are on for that mission only and will not be carried over to your inventory once the mission is completed. You share the box with other players, so take it mindfully. 
  • Mega Potion is always better than Potion. 
  • Try to unlock Botanical NPC’s quest so you can cultivate important resources, like Herb, Honey and other resources for your ammo (if you use ranged weapon). Unlocking more boxes is always recommended so you can cultivate and harvest more resources at your disposal!
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