Shuyan Saga – How to Win the Tournament

Shuyan Saga - How to Win the Tournament
Shuyan Saga - How to Win the Tournament

Handy guide how to win the tournament in the game for everyone who struggles to beat it.

Tips and tricks for getting to the top

It actually took me some time to get it right and but it’s definitely doable so here are few tricks to defeat all opponents.

  • There are three achievements to get, one after beating each tier. 
  • Be sure to complete the game first as you won’t have necessary abilities unlocked to win otherwise 
  • Never attack first, always wait for your opponnent 
  • Use blue attacks only, greet (hold and swipe mouse left) and then counter-attack right away (immediately hold and swipe mouse back to the right). Practise on light weight opponents, they are pretty easy. It’s imperative that you use both greet and counter else you won’t get your combo up quickly 
  • Opponents attacks are mostly three in the row, be prepared to swipe left/right quickly for those, then wait again 
  • When you have combo ready, push Q and complete it (just follow the arrows or click the circles). QTE are always the same so it’s easy to memorize it. 
  • When low on health, push W instead of Q for healing on time ability when combo is ready, repeat several times in row if needed (gather combo and heal). 
  • You can also use combos as counter of strong attacks, be sure to exploit this fact. 
  • For tougher opponents (the last tier) it is good practice to have healing active even when on full health as they tend to hit rather hard. You can do two normal Q combos while healing this way, then refresh your healing again 
  • Hard opponents attempts to hit you with their special attack from time to time, you just need to wait a bit before greeting/evading those. Don’t try to counter those, just evade, it makes things easier. Observe and practice to make it right, every opponent at the top is bit different. 
  • The last few opponents have lot of health (they are bullet sponges kinda) so you have to endure and patiently repeat your combos on them. But it’s not that bad, provided you are counter-attacking their attacks, the only real tough one is the last one but even he can be defeated with bit of practise. 
  • Remember you don’t have start anew from the bottom each time you lose a fight, just hit Replay and try to beat the same opponent again. The game doesn’t save your progress if you leave though so you have to beat them all in one sitting. 

Good luck fighting to the top and getting the final achievement.

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