Null Vector – Modular Weapons Discourse

Null Vector - Modular Weapons Discourse
Null Vector - Modular Weapons Discourse

Weapons listing and classification.


I hope this guide entertains you. This is a basic overview of the modular weaponry in Null Vector. I really enjoy this game and hope for even more stuff to be added.

List of weaponry

  • Fire Rate
  • Shield
  • Lazer
  • Rocket
  • Ricochet
  • Multi-Shot
  • Homing-Shot
  • Damage
  • Piercing
  • Accuracy
  • Helper-Bot
  • Mortar-Bot
  • Lazer-Bot
  • Rocket-Bot

Fire Rate

You will want a few of these. Fire Rate is very helpful towards the end of the game when you are able to combine it with other weapons, especially the Rocket and Multi-shot. You can upgrade this one 5 times. Take this one over Damage.

  • Very useful when combined with other weapons.


Shield allows the player to have a damage buffer once per room. Because of this buffer, you can get through rooms without taking damage, giving you bonus points. (Damage refers to HP, not to Shield). So if you are going for a high score, you will need some. All in all, shield is very useful through most of the game, but beware of grabbing too many of these, because you won’t have any fire-power left when you get to the Final Boss.

  • Take a few, you’ll need em’
  • Can only upgrade 1 time. (Max is 2 HP per Shield).


Lazer is more of a quirky weapon. If you have the chance to use it you should. Lazer is very useful on most of the challenges. If you combine it with Homing-Shot or Ricochet, you will have 100% accuracy and be even more likely to hit. the best part about Lazer is that it hits or doesn’t hit instantly. That helps you to decide where to shoot.

  • Lazer is the best when combined with Homing-Shot or Ricochet.
  • Lazer is always better than Accuracy.


Rocket grants the player a splash damage effect. This will extend from where it hits. Rocket is very useful for taking on hoards of enemies; However, If you use too many Rockets you won’t be able to attack single targets with as much power. This is a big problem when fighting bosses. Rocket works really well with most powerups, but especially Multishot and Ricochet.

  • Grab 1 or 2 Rocket mods. 


Ricochet is the perfect weapon mod to protect you from your enemies. This mod lets your bullets bounce of the walls. This makes hiding behind the structures a real possibility. Another thing you should consider is shooting even when you can’t hit a boss. this allows the boss to be hit from behind as well as in the front for a split second when it comes down. Every shot counts.

  • Hide behind walls.
  • Very useful with Homing-Shot or Multi-Shot.


Multi-Shot is one of the best mods in the game. Adding another shot comes at a cost though.
-1 Max HP. Given you already start with 4 Max, going down to 3 Max is not that bad. But if you want to use this one, you better have some shields.

  • Use with Rocket, Lazer, and especially Shield, Ricochet, and Homing-Shot.


Homing-Shot allows your shots to swerve towards the enemies. This allows you to shoot around corners. Homing-Shot is balanced with -1 Max HP and slower Fire Rate. Despite these drawbacks, Homing-Shot is still better than most of the standard mods. One big thing with this mod is the final boss. If you have this mod, sit over in one of the bottom corners and shoot up. The shots will all come in and hit the boss. (also lazer doesn’t work for this). But consider not using this if you don’t have many shields.

  • Use with shields.


Damage is anoher quirky mod. Damage increases you damage, but lowers your fire-rate. This is why many people would just rather ue Fire-Rate. Damage is only best used when you have things that already slow your fire-rate, like Homing-Shot.

  • Try to not use this one unless you have to.


Piercing… I don’t know. I seems to just be Damage that can be upgraded. I don’t see the point of either of these. Piercing doesn’t actually lower you fire-rate though, so it’s ok.

  • Try destroying if you don’t have enough inventory space.


Accuracy is not necessary at all. Only pick up if have room for it. In reality, this game doesn’t want you to be accurate, it wants you to spray bullets everywhere.

  • Grab if you have room then destroy for another mod’s space.

Bots (Helper, Mortar, Lazer, Rocket)

The Bots are nice to have, but really you don’t need them. The Lazer one can hit mini bosses while hovering though so consider that one. And the Helper bot, Mortar bot, and Rocket bot are completely up to preference. (My favorite is the mortar bot because it looks awesome when it shoots).

  • Grab if you desire, they do help a bit.

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