Sisyphus Reborn – 100% Achievement Guide

Sisyphus Reborn - 100% Achievement Guide
Sisyphus Reborn - 100% Achievement Guide

A comprehensive walkthrough + achievement guide.

Single Playthrough Guide

  • Head right, examine the stalactite until you notice it has a crack 
  • Head left and take a rock from the pile 
  • Use the rock with the stalactite by clicking the former then the latter 
  • Pick up the stalactite and head to the next screen 
  • Use the stalactite with the hole on the far wall after the water to open the cave 
  • Achievement! Beginning To See The Light 
  • Head right until you see a person digging next to two trees 
  • Talk to him until he mentions a pyramid 
  • Head right until you reach the pyramid 
  • Ring the bells (numbered from left to right) in order 4, 3, 2, 1, 2 
  • Achievement Unlocked! Pyramid Song 
  • Enter the pyramid 
  • Exhaust dialog with the pyramid man 
  • Stand in the group of people for a while 
  • Achievement Unlocked! Not To Be 
  • Opt to continue playing 
  • Walk right to the next screen 
  • Walk to the end of the screen 
  • Achievement Unlocked! Road To Nowhere 
  • Opt to continue playing 
  • Return to the pyramid 
  • Exhaust Dialog 
  • Head left and take a branch from a tree 
  • Head further left and take a stone from the pile 
  • Head further left and pick up grass 
  • Achievement Unlocked! I Shovel Very Well 
  • Dig 12 times outside your cave 
  • Achievement Unlocked! Dig To Live, Live To Dig 
  • Opt to continue playing 
  • Head inside your cave 
  • Shovel the water 
  • Achievement Unlocked! Rebirth
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