End of Days – Some Helpful Tips

End of Days - Some Helpful Tips
End of Days - Some Helpful Tips

I found people were struggling with how to approach this kind of gameplay. Here I will lay out some helpful tips for how to get more money and how to approach surviving.

The Basics

So this isn’t going to be very complicated and doesn’t require any graphics to explain. Essentially, if you are familiar with COD: Zombies then you will probably know a lot of the techniques already.

To start, knife on round 1! The zombies are super weak on round one and not worth wasting any ammo on. This way you get some extra points to work with on your decision making process.

Secondly, you want to get to the random gun box (can’t call it a mystery box for legal reasons) because it is cheaper to buy from this and get a gun that has attachments on it. These attachments can be taken off your guns and put onto any other gun that accepts attachments.

Thirdly, you really want to have flashlights on your weapons. It’s super helpful because of how dark the environment is. The other attachments are useful based on your play style.


Like mentioned in the previous article, if you have played COD: Zombies there are a lot of familiar techniques here.

Yes you want to get to the random weapon box. No you don’t want to open all the doors unless it’s necessary. So these zombies will take the shortest path to you. If the building is surrounded and all the doors are open then you don’t have any escape routes, so you should plan your door buying path. Personally, I like to go the longest route to the box. This leaves me with plenty of weapons on the wall to buy, but also I have a few exit options in an emergency situation.

Don’t get surrounded by zombies. This sounds like an obvious thing, but really you should try to rally the zombies. Get them towards specific players and far away from what you want to buy before you make a mad dash for that sweet item or door you want.

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