Dead Frontier 2 – Gameplay Tips

Dead Frontier 2 - Gameplay Tips
Dead Frontier 2 - Gameplay Tips

This guide will cover movement, skills, weapons, missions, surprise attacks, etc.

What I Recommend in the Beginning

First get your movement, skills, weapons, surprise attacks down. Level to around lvl 4 and you can pretty much go after bosses, missions, higher level grounds, etc.

Note: Trying to go to lvl 5 area as a lvl 1 is definitely possible, but its so much easier to just level fast in the default zone then move up.


Movement in this game is pretty standard as any other, you have WASD for forward, left, back, right. What I want to talk about is movement when you are attacking.

When you attack a zombie with your melee weapon, you move forward which makes you closer to the zombie you just knocked back. So, to make it so you don’t get stuck in front, you hold S or back after you attack and this allows you to move back with your character, but also see the front where the zombie is.

Note: Your flashlight won’t be on the zombie, but you can see its figure.  This will allow you to safely attack any zombie that is alone.


The skills in Dead Frontier 2 are very different from DF1. I won’t be talking about DF1 skills. The skills in this game are based on bonuses toward your build.

Ex. If you wanted to loot the entire time, then you would definitely want the stealh and looter skills. Both of these skills allow you to sneak and have bonuses towards steath/looter.

The skills I recommend in the beginning in the game is your choice of kick boxing, stealth, quick reflexes, and sprinter.

I will explain the pros and cons of each skill.

Kick Boxing:

  • Pro – Allows you to knockback or kick zombies, kill worms, and is useful in a combo. 
  • Con – Needs good placement, not very useful against group of zombies. 


  • Pro – Allows you to crouch, so you can surprise attack zombies, sneak around zombies and just grab loot. 
  • Con – Slow, and not useful towards group. 

Quick Reflexes :

  • Pro – Allows you to dodge and is very useful in when attacking. Ex. When you attack, you move forward, but with this skill you can attack and press space (or your keybind for dodge) to back away. This allows you to safely attack and the cooldown is not that long.
  • Con – Takes some experience, not useful in groups of zombies. 


  • Pro – Allows you to sprint, and is useful for running away from charging zombies and moving around obstacles.
  • Con – Not useful in direct combat. 


Your weapons are really based on your type of playstyle. So you have to make that decision of if you want to be a looter, a melee, gun user, etc. In DF1 this playstyle was developed quite a bit, but with DF2 this is still being worked on.

Note: This is only a recommendation.

I recommend you have a melee weapon with preferably either bonus towards surprise dmg, body dmg, or attack speed. I also recommend either pistol or rifle for looters, because going by DF1 they will cause less aggro. You can choose pistol if you like more ammo Or rifles if you want better aim and dmg.

DF2 is based on lvls, so make sure you check if you can actually use the weapon you are buying.


Missions in DF2 are going to be your favorite and least favorite thing in this game.

The reason why? Its because missions are tedious, but give a decent amount of loot/exp. This is for players that want a lump sum, instead of grinding away at buildings.

Missions can be found from any NPC in buildings or outposts. They will reset every 24 Hrs, I believe. You can check when they reset by going to character menu, mission log, and the counter should be near the top middle.

Note: After reset, NPC’s will be in different spots, and so you have to loot for them.

Note: Majority of NPC are in in the outposts.

Surprise Attacks

I specifcally made a section on this because this will be an constant component of your gameplay in the future. The reason why is because first, melee weapons have a surprise attack dmg which is much more than just regular body dmg.

Note: You will need stealth skill and melee weapon;

Often when you go into a new room, there are zombies walking, laying down. Those are zombies that you can sneak attack and end in one hit or more.

When facing zombies walking, try if you can to not let them see you, but if you can get behind them then its easy. When facing zombies laying down, first recognize if it is actually a zombie that is “Alive”.

Recognize it by:

  • How it looks compared to regular zombies, if its similar then its “Alive”.
  • If their mouth is moving, then it is “Alive”.
  • If its body is cut in half, then it is “Dead”. 


In DF2, bosses will be in this rooms or as I call them “Key rooms”. These key rooms need keys found in the building as loot to open those doors.

These bosses will be unique in terms of cosmetics. I recommend useing your gun to kill them as melee is inefficient.

What to Do After?

Well if you have movement, skills, weapons, missions, surprise attacks down then you just move towards higher level hunting grounds.

I, myself have not gone, but I assume loot will be better and zombies will have more hp.

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